Sunday, March 28, 2010

The slider phone

See this phone??
Apparently this is THE coolest and most fun phone out there! Well, according to Cole. This is Gramma Tracy's phone and it by far surpasses mine and Nick's iPhone's!!! We aren't sure what it is exactly, maybe that Gramma will purposely call the phone so it plays Bon Jovi songs when it rings, maybe deep down he's a Bon Jovi fan, we aren't really sure, but even when he sees Gramma he goes straight for her purse. He's a pretty smart cookie!
Gramma Tracy came over today to watch the Baylor Duke game so he had several hours of fun with his phone :)
Side note: We were so proud of our Baylor Bears making it to the Elite 8 and that they stayed with Duke till the very end!! What a great game. And what are the odds that both Baylor teams are playing both Duke teams in the Elite 8!!! Crazy! Go Baylor Girls!!!

Here are some pictures of Cole with his favorite phone

Gramma Tracy even tried to distract him with a calculator....didn't work
This video shows you just how happy he is with his phones in his possession. Nick put played songs from his iphone and he was very content just playing with his phones.

This video is kinda funny but sad at the same time. Gramma Tracy left to go get dinner for us and Cole was not too happy. Tracy thinks he's just crying because she took off with his phone, but I'm sure it was the fact that she left...he sure loves his Gramma! The only thing I could do to get him happy again was to let him take a bath, ha! As soon as I turned the water on he stopped crying, squealed and ran like a drunk man to the bath tub.

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tracyseeman said...

So sad! I didn't mean to make him cry :( He is so funny...loves that phone!