Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Houston and lots of babies!!!!

This past weekend, the three of us made a spontaneous trip to Houston to see our friends the Bell's. They had a little girl named Reagan last November and we had yet to see her. Little did we know, the Bell's would also be watching their 9 month old niece Paige. We were excited for all the babies and knew we'd have fun watching and playing with them. Wow...this weekend sure made me realize what it will be like with 2 kids. It was super busy and sometimes chaotic, but soooo much fun!!
The weather was absolutely gorgeous so we took advantage of that and went to a couple parks and tried to spend some time outside.

Here is Sharon with her little berry Reagan and Paige is in the stroller

While at the park, Nick and Chris decided to go for a run, so here they are looking "cool" and doing their stretches before the run

Mr. Cole man swinging...with dad's shades

Cole has really taken an interest in climbing lately, he even tries to climb UP the slide...ha!
He's getting pretty smart, he knows that when he's at the top of the slide, he has to turn around, get on his belly and go feet first. :)
I guess it's a trend...but my cousin Nichole saw this picture and said that Cole's going to grow up thinking that he has to take his clothes off in order to eat. ha! I guess that might be true because I feel like more times than not, I just end up taking at least his shirt off to eat b/c honestly, I'm so sick of ruining shirts with stains on them. I can soak a shirt for days and days, but those spaghetti sauce stains do not come out!!!
Cole's favorite toy of the weekend was this pink princess car. This is what happens when he's surrounded by girls. He loved it though, he especially loved to sit backwards on it and sit on all the buttons that make noise.
Here is Paige and Cole....both trying to play with the princess car....which leads me to my next point...
This weekend was the first weekend Nick and I have noticed the bully come out in Cole. With him being at our sitter and us not seeing what he's like during the day, we really had no idea how he was with sharing. I guess we got a clue this weekend. He was being little sour puss and did not like these "girls" touching his car. We definitely tried to nip that tude of his in the bud but I guess kids just go through that stage. We would try to tell Cole that that was not ok or try to take him away from the situation, but how much does a 13 month old really understand??
This picture kind of shows how Paige wanted so badly to play with Cole and I'm pretty sure after this picture was taken, he pushed her down....yeah, what a nice gentleman!!
We again went to another park and let Cole play and climb
Cole and Paige playing
And I couldn't forget sweet little Reagan. Since she is only 4 months old, she just had to sit and watch a lot of the action, but she is the sweetest little thing and was just so happy!

I am on spring break this week and will really enjoy the good weather and will hopefully make a few trips to the park or go on some wagon rides.

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