Thursday, March 18, 2010


Yesterday, we had a little unfortunate experience with eggs. Look at his poor face, I felt sooo bad for him!!!
Yesterday at lunch I had a hard boiled egg and I gave him probably half of the egg, and as I sat there thinking to myself, "is it the egg white or yolk that isn't so good for babies" I just decided to give him both. And of course he liked the egg white better...which now I KNOW the egg white is highly allergic. So, we had lunch at noon, he acted fine...put him down for his nap at 1:30ish b/c he was starting to act fussy (duh, now I know why). When he woke up from his nap, I could not believe what I saw!!! Then I went to change his diaper and he had welts all over his body. I knew right away what it was so I called the doc and they said to give him Benadryl and if it wasn't better by morning to bring him in.
Cole and I make a trip to Walgreens and this nice lady standing by the pharmacy says to me, "oh honey, you need to get some Benadryl in that baby now!". I was like, "duh lady what do you think I'm doing". She then says, "no, I mean now! Open the box and give it to him now b/c if he's that swollen on the outside, he's also that swollen on the inside". Oh.....I guess I didn't realize that. So, we open the box right there in the middle of the aisle and we are set to go.
I didn't notice any change after we gave him the meds and I was starting to get a little nervous b/c you hear all those stories about airways closing up with stuff like this and honestly...I was afraid for him to go to bed and us go to bed, so I'm guessing as every mother would, I woke up every hour practically and checked the video monitor to make sure he was ok.
When we went to get him out of bed this morning...he was as good as new! His skin looked great and he was back to normal. But, now I have to be so careful with what he eats and it's going to take a lot more planning and thinking. No more grabbing goldfish out of the pantry as a snack or waffles on Saturday mornings. Booooo!!!
I'm now realizing why he's been so congested the last few months, having little bits of egg the last few months was causing his eczema and congestion, it all makes sense now! Thank you Volk family for passing these awesome food allergies onto Cole :) hehe....
Now that we are all back to normal, we had a great day and Cole is super excited about his new Buzz Lightyear jammies that Gramma and Granddad Seeman brought him from Walt Disney World. They got him a couple pairs of jammies and another cute onsie that is hilarious and I'll have to take a picture tomorrow when he wears it.
Lately Cole has been such a cuddler...he gets that from his dad, definitely NOT me! It's so cute because he'll walk up to one of us, his bears, blankets, anything really and go "ahhhhhh" and start cuddling with it. Like in this picture below. Oh, and miss Roxy really wanted in on the action too..haha!!!

The giant school bus that Ryan and Rachel got him for his bday has really come in handy lately! He loves playing in it and tonight we got some funny pictures of him. He saw me pressing my face on the mesh so he wanted to copy me. :)
Me and Cole giving each other kisses through the mesh...ha! Yeah he still does open mouth kisses, yummy!

This toy chest used to be Nick's when he was little. Dennis and Tracy let us use it and it works great! I think if he could, he would climb in it and just play with the toys while IN the toy chest.

He also loves to climb through and under things, although whenever he climbs through the kitchen table he always gets a little stuck.
This week while on Spring Break has been so fun! The weather has been great and we've really enjoyed going out for walks, wagon rides and also playing on Lexie's new giant swing set! :)
Here's Cole ready for his Wagon ride :)

And here's Cole staying current with the latest fashion, it's upside down but really, who cares?? :)


The Barnes said...

Love all the new pics! I bet you love Spring Break! I can't believe how much he swelled up...poor guy! Didn't look like it bothered him all that much tho! Yuck to food allergies! Good luck!

Him and Her said...

man, i didn't know eggs weren't good for babies! thanks for the heads up, haha. Sean is just now starting rice cereal so i guess i'll get there eventually. Yay for spring break!