Friday, March 5, 2010

My typical a mom and teacher

Over at Kelly's Korner they are doing what our typical day is like, whether we are working mom's or stay at home mom's. Sometimes I would absolutely LOVE to stay at home full time (mostly when my alarm goes off at 6:00am) or when friends are getting together for play groups and I have to go to work instead. Other times, I really enjoy that I am able to go teach everyday and be around adults and punk high schoolers! :) However, once we decide to have baby #2, I will most likely stay home full time and be with the kidos.

So my typical day...........
6:00 - my alarm goes off, I try to get fully ready before Cole wakes up so that I can hang out with him before we leave. I know, I know....who has spare time to play in the morning??? I'm such a morning person so I like to play a little bit before we head out for the day.

7:00 - if Cole hasn't woken up yet, Nick or I have to go wake him up, cuddle for a few minutes, change his diaper and then give him his morning milk.

7:40 - I pack up Cole and we head to the sitter. I usually take Cole to the sitter unless I have an early morning senior meeting, and then Nick will take him.

8:15 - I get to school and start my day with the oh-so-fun teenagers!
(skip a few hours)
12:00 - lunch :) Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

12:45-2:27 - THE WORST PART OF MY DAY!!!! I have a TERRIBLE class that I am literally counting down the days till they are out of my class. Thank God it is only a 9-week course. Only 10 more days with them!
(skip a few hours)
3:50-4:00 - leave school and head to sitter to pick up Cole

4:00 - Cole and I will either head home and play with the dogs or we'll do some errands. If we run errands, this is usually what happens in the process.....

5:00 - I try to get home by 5:00 so I can either start dinner or we'll go for a walk, or wagon ride (if the weather is nice) or go next door to play with Lexie. Here is a picture of Cole looking a lot like Uncle Ross.
6:00 - Cole eats dinner and this is usually what happens....he becomes a complete mess and I have to take his clothes off so we don't completely ruin his clothes. I promise he has a diaper on underneath the tray. Sometimes I will eat with Cole depending on if I'm starving or not, which I usually am. :)
6:30-7:00 - Dad gets home!!!! Yay!!! Cole and dad will play while I clean up the kitchen.
7:00 - bathtime
7:30 - get ready for bed, brush teeth (this is a new thing), put pj's on which usually consists of us following him around and putting jammies on while he's walking around. Good times! Then he gets his last bottle of the day and crawls into bed.
8:00 -'s quiet in the house :) I'll then finish picking up, clean kitchen, check emails, celebrity gossip sites (ha) and then we'll finally sit down and watch a little TV.
10:00 - We usually head to bed around this time and gear up for another day of our exciting life.


tracyseeman said...

Cracks me up! He is asleep with the remote in his hand...just like Granddad :) Your days are busy!

Brandie said...

I wish my school started at 8:15! I love reading all of these other teacher schedule. Cute blog and an adorable family:)!

Kara said...

Teacher and mom to be in April! Thanks for the post, I have been dying to find blogs of working moms and it's been difficult!