Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A few things before Thanksgiving

A couple Sundays ago, we had big plans to watch the Vikings/Bears game at our house and have Nick's family up. I've said before that Cole won't fall asleep anywhere but in his bed...and sometimes the car. So, Sunday before everyone got to our house, Cole and I were sitting on the bed watching some pre-game show and all of a sudden....Cole literally just fell over. I thought at first he was playing around, but when I looked at him, I realized his eyes were closed! Poor guy, he must have been pretty tired! He has never done that before.
I guess he knew that he wasn't going to miss to much watching the Vikings game :(
He looks pretty comfortable though doesn't he?

So my last post I talked about how Cole kept trying to climb out of his crib and it worried us a bit because we would have no idea that he was even awake. We were literally out of options and were ready to break open the crib conversion set to make it into a toddler bed but then a friend from high school recommended that we do the following......
She said to take the springs off the crib and just put the mattress on the floor! Genius!!!
Now, Cole can't even come close to climbing out and our problems are solved!
Yeah Cole...you keep laughing, till you realize your climbing days are OVER!! bwahahaha!!

This week has been a little chaotic, trying to get everything ready for Thanksgiving. It is a little stressful hosting Thanksgiving and being in charge of food, but luckily Nick's parents are helping out with the turkey and ham because preparing that meat may have taken me over the edge!! :) Meat is still very yucky to me!
We've been putting up Christmas decorations (Nick is NOT happy about this, as we aren't supposed to do it till after Thanksgiving), doing lots of baking, cleaning and organizing. I love being busy like this tough, much more fun than being bored!
Last night we even got to watch our little friend Jayden for the night. One of my YoungLives girls called and asked if we could watch her little guy for the night so she could go out with some friends and I know that she doesn't get a chance to go out much anymore since she has a baby so we were more than happy to help her out! Jayden is the sweetest boy and was such a great baby! He was so easy to have around and I kinda wish he could have stayed longer. Lucy told me that Jayden still doesn't sleep through the night and I thought, "great, that's all I need is a bad nights sleep before all our company comes"....but he actually slept through the night, and Lucy was so mad!!! haha!! Doesn't that always happen when someone else is watching your baby? Cole wasn't too sure about this baby that was hanging around this morning but he shared his things and was very nice to him. We can't wait to have Jayden again!

My whole family gets here Thursday morning and will be staying for about 5 nights. We are so looking forward to having everyone here and celebrating this wonderful holiday!!


Anonymous said...

Y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving! Good luck hosting. We're doing the same over here - been cooking all day today & will probably get up super early to do more tomorrow! I love it, though. (Although I do agree with Nick...Christmas decorations come AFTER Thanksgiving!)


Him and Her said...

haha, so now it's like Cole has prison bars around his bed. Without the elevated mattress it just looks like a caged bed, lol. I tease.
(Annie says: keep laughing Christi, your kid will be doing the same thing soon enough!)

Hope thanksgiving was a success! Yay for Christmas decor.