Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween festivities

This past weekend we went down to Houston for Cole's furture wife's 1st birthday. Originally we were supposed to go down to Austin for the Texas/Baylor football game, which by the way......WOOHOOOOO for Baylor!!! Nothing better than beating those Longhorns!!!
Anyway, I knew going into the Austin trip that I would not be up for the entire game, plus going out afterwards and staying up late. I knew I'd be a party-pooper so we decided to not go. Instead, we went to Houston to see our great friends.
We headed down to Houston Friday evening. Luckily our neighbors let us borrow their car DVD player so that kept Cole busy for about 3 hours and then he fell asleep. I'm all for DVD players on long trips, but personally, I HATE having DVD players in the car and watching them all the time, just to drive to the store, silly to me. I think kids having some quiet time in the car is good for them, lets them use their imagination and day-dream.
Ok so anyway, Friday night we stayed at some different friends house and they have a little girl named Paige who is just a bit younger than Cole and they had a blast playing! Cole loved all the new toys and loved going up and down their stairs. Now I'm realizing I love not having stairs in our house!
Here is Cole playing on the rocking moose! :) I think this was his first time on a rocking animal but he loved it!
We finally met up with the birthday girl on Saturday. We all met up for lunch, then the plan was to all go back to their house for nap time, then head to the birthday party. We set up a pack n play for Cole and he went right we thought. I'd walk past the room every once in awhile and I'd hear him talking, so I was wondering if he was even going to sleep. After about 1.5 hours he started to fuss and it was about time for us to leave so we got him up. I then realized why he had not slept during naptime.....he got a hold of my cell phone that was on the edge of the bed and was playing with it for 1.5 hours. ha! So, if any of you received funny calls, texts or emails from me, that might be why :)
So because Cole did not take his nap at the proper time, this is what he did during the whole birthday party!!!!! What a party-pooper!!!
This is the birtday girl....little Miss Reagan, and Cole's future wife :)
Reagan's mom made her outfit and hat, I was so impressed!!!
We headed back to Dallas Sunday morning because we had fun Halloween plans. First, here is a picture of Cole's Captain Hook outfit. I know, the hat is on wrong, I realized that a little later, but this is the only picture I got of Cole and his entire outfit.
We met up with some friends at a huge Fall Festival that one of the churches puts on. It's is gigantic and their is so much stuff to do. We started out with me taking Cole on a train ride, which he loved!!!
He then participated in the Lawn Mowing race :)
Granddad and Grandma Seeman also met up with us because Granddad had not seen Cole in a really long time and Cole sure was excited to see them!
Here is Granddad helping Cole with the water gun
We also got Cole to go into the bounce house. We weren't too sure if he would like it but he loved it!
On the other side of the bounce house was a big slide. It took Cole a little bit to figure out how to get up the slide but a nice lady helped him out.
And how's this for your typical proud Dad and grandparents??? haha!!! They were trying to get Cole to come down the slide, I just thought that was funny! :)
Cole loved the train so much that he wanted to go again, so Granddad took him. They had so much fun together.
After we left the Fall Festival we stopped by our old babysitters, Andy and Teresa, so Cole could see them. They always have little treats for their daycare kids and Cole definitely enjoyed seeing them again. We then went home and handed out candy to all the kids. I think Cole had more fun watching the kids come to our door.
We definitely had a great weekend and stayed busy busy and now we are all pooped! Luckily we don't have too much going on this week. I have my 12 week doctors appointment tomorrow...I'm really hoping that getting into my 2nd trimester means that I'll start feeling better soon. I'll usually feel pretty good the beginning of the day, but by bedtime, I pretty much feel like death and just go to bed at 8:00pm so I can just sleep and not feel like poo. I still hate food but am really looking forward to loving food again. I'm getting real sick of my diet, so again, I'm REALLY hoping and praying that I start to feel back to normal in the next week or so.

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