Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Crazy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2010 took place at our house this year. We were so excited about having everyone in town and it was kinda nice to not have to travel for a holiday! :) The whole Volk clan got here the morning of Thanksgiving and we all went straight to work...but not before Cole got re-acquainted with all the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousin. Cole was pretty good with showing Cameron all his toys and sharing. Every once in awhile we'd catch him taking something away from her because it was "mine" but overall he shared so well!

Uncle Ross and the kiddos getting some play time in after they got to our house
Cole being silly with Mimi. I love that he's at the age where he now remembers my family, especially since he doesn't get to see them a whole lot. As you can see he was pretty excited to have everyone at his house! :)
Cameron is at the age where she always wanted to be by Cole, sometimes even tackling him, ha! I thought this was such a cute picture, just shows how much of a size difference there is between the two of them.
We all baked, cooked and roasted most of the day and we had SO MUCH food. I'm always worried that we won't have enough food, but we probably could have fed 20+ people easily. Luckily we still have leftovers!
The day of Thanksgiving didn't seem too crazy because I got a lot of cooking done before everyone got there. I love hosting and cooking and baking so it was a lot of fun for me. Not that I'm any good at it, but it was still fun! :)

Cole was so funny while him and Cameron were eating their Thanksgiving meal....he had all this good food on his plate but for some reason he was so interested in Cameron's puffs. He kept asking Aunt Rachel for "more more" and after we said he was all done, he then just decided to pull Cameron's high chair to him and steal hers. What a stinker!
The rest of the weekend was lots of fun. I was a little worried that they would get bored because when you have kiddos in the picture, sometimes you have to plan your days around naps and when Cameron and Cole's naps sometimes overlap eachother, it's hard to plan things out. BUT, I think we stayed pretty busy.
Here are our cute flannel pajama babies...haha!
Cole and Cameron even got to take a bath together. They are going to hate us when they are older!
Since we saw Cameron last time, she has become quite the talker!!! It's pretty funny because it really sounds like she is saying complete sentences but it's just babbling. She's even got this funny side-smile-popeye thing going on, and her tongue is constantly in motion.
Please don't pay attention to my crazy, obnoxious dialog going on in this video. I was just so amused by my silly niece that I couldn't contain myself :)

Even though it was pretty chilly this weekend, we still managed to take a family walk to Starbucks. We just bundled the kiddos up and doesn't he look so cute!
After Starbucks we stopped at a park to let Cole play some. Thankfully Nick, Uncle Ross, Uncle Ryan and Papa played on the playground with him. I didn't feel too much like climbing all over the place :)
Here is a picture of my weirdo brother Ryan and I hanging out at the park
And we had to snap this picture because our two manly husbands with the strollers :)
Just thought this picture was pretty cute....Cole on his way to church. He looks like such a big boy!
Nick and I had to go back to work on Monday but my family was still here so they watched Cole for me in the morning. That afternoon, we decided to go to the big ICE exhibit at the Gaylord Texan. It's a huge Charlie Brown ice sculpture presentation and they even have slides and fun stuff for the kids.
This is our cute family before we got into our big coats
Here is Cole with his gigantic coat
Cole wasn't sure at first about this giant slide but by the 2nd time, he had a big smile on his face. It was pretty cool, all ice and people can get going pretty fast!
My cute parents in Snoopy's house. Yep, that whole thing is ice!
The hubs and I in the ice tunnel.
After we were done in the ice, Cole got to bond with the Gigi and Mimi
The family left very early this morning and now we are back to our regular grind. I think Cole was a little bummed that everyone was gone because he was very stoic today and just wanted to cuddle a lot and kinda whined a bit. I know he had so much fun with everyone visiting and he probably gets bored with 'ol mom and dad.

However, this evening, Cole's Christmas present from the grandparents showed up!!! I know we should wait till Christmas to open it, but we didn't know what to do with a giant box. So, Nick's mom said to open it now, so we did :)
Cole always loves sitting in Lexie's chair when we go to their house so we knew he'd love his own chair.
Here are a few funny pictures of him posing with his new chair

Thanks so much Papa, Mimi, Granddad and Gigi!!!! We are so excited to have it!

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