Thursday, November 18, 2010

She spoke my mind!!

I came across this blog awhile back and I've gotten a big kick out of it. The girl actually won "pregnancy blog" of the year on and she is quite entertaining.
For the longest time, I've tried to explain to people how I've been feeling this go around with rugrat #2 baking away and it's just so hard to explain. When I read this girls blog post, I was like, "uh hello....she read my mind!" She totally hit the nail on the head and I would love to just copy and paste her blog post and claim it as mine, but obviously that would be wrong of me :)
So, I'll put a link to her blog post and hopefully you'll think it's as funny as I did and you'll get a good understanding on how I've been feeling lately!!
Click Here to read her blog.

And just so you don't think I've been neglecting any grandparents with current pictures of their #1 grandbaby (and I don't mean #1 because he's the coolest b/c Cameron is pretty gosh darn cool too, but literally, he's the FIRST grandbaby, make sense?) are a few pictures and things we have been up to lately.
Here is just a random picture from this morning. He usually never does this, but he fell asleep on our way into Jennifer's this morning. He did wake up pretty early for some reason so maybe that is why. Ok, speaking of waking up is our current dilema. The past couple weeks when Cole wakes up from his naps or in the morning, he doesn't say anything, doesn't cry, we can barely hear him. So, the next thing we know, we look on the video monitor and he's half-way out of his crib, trying to climb out!!! I mean, all he has to say is, "Mama, come get me out"....ok, he can't quite put sentences together yet but even if he made a peep of any sort, I would come get him. So this is our dilema. Do we go ahead and take down the one side of his crib and make it into a toddler bed? I just don't know if we are ready for him to have free-reign of his bedroom yet. OR, do we just put some pillows on the floor in case he does fall out...haha! Is that mean? We really wanted to wait a few more months to move him to a toddler bed but unless we are sitting there with our eyes peeled to the video monitor, we would have no idea that he was awake!

I promise I'm not obsessed with pictures of Cole sleeping. However, the other afternoon we were running errands and he fell asleep in the car...again. He was in such a deep sleep that yes....that is DROOL dripping down his chin!!! Poor little guy! :0) Is he not the cutest thing ever?
When our friends Beau and Stacey had baby Grayson, we let them borrow some of our baby gear. The other day they brought some of it back because obviously we're going to need it in the next couple weeks (enter sarcasm...ha). I was like, "no really, keep it at your house for awhile". I don't want the clutter, haha! So, before Nick has a chance to put this stuff back up in the attic, it has been sitting in our family room and of course Mr. Cole is pretty curious. He's been sitting in the chairs and bouncers and thinks it's pretty funny. What do you think, does he still fit?? I can't believe that he used to fit in this thing at one point! Where does the time go?


Him and Her said...

hmm... that is a dilemma. I wonder if he goes to a toddler bed if he would actually stay in the bed. or would he crawl out inthe middle of the night and play in his room, haha. good luck with that one!

what program/application (or whatever) did you use to make your header with pictures? all i can manage is words in my header.

The Haley's said...

So it's not a great solution, but I wasn't ready for C to be in a big bed yet for similar reasons.
So we took off the springs on his crib and put the mattress on the floor. It kind of looks like a jail, but we learned our lesson with J that you move them as late as you can. We will be moving him into a big bed soon, just not at 18 months when he could climb out!