Friday, November 12, 2010

My craftiness...that I stole from a friend

I know some people may be shocked, or just plain annoyed that I might say this....but yes, sometimes when I'm at home with Cole in the afternoons, I do.....I sometimes get bored!!!! How can I be bored with a toddler?? I am just not one for sitting around, having nothing planned, I like to have things planned or things to do at all times. This is another reason why the first few months of this pregnancy has been kinda hard because it has totally put me down and out and I do not like that!!! I want so bad to just go hang out with friends, try out new restaurants, but that just isn't doable yet with how I've been feeling lately. So I've been stuck at home more than I'd like and that's why I've had to come up with things to do.
But let me just say, anyone that knows me knows that I DO NOT have one ounce of creativity in my body!!! Not one!!! I absolutely love doing crafts and attempt to make things, but coming up with the ideas is just not in my blood. I would love to be one of those moms that can sew up all my new babies bedding, curtains or even make clothes...but no. I even attempted to knit, but my basic scarf ended up looking like an hourglass, not pretty.
However, I can do some easy crafts....if I have step by step directions!! :) A friend of mine who is an amazing DIY (do-it-yourself) person, has started a blog and she has some pretty basic crafts with step by step directions. Yay, I was so excited! I have to say this because I don't want anyone to think that I came up with these ideas on my own. :)
My first craft was to get peel-n-stick foam and I cut out numbers and stuck them to Cole's bathroom mirror. My friend also had directions on how to make a Thanksgiving turkey, which I may attempt today, but this may also be a disaster, we'll see. I realize now that you can probably just buy these pre-made, but that's no fun! They also have fun glitter foam if you are making it for girls!

The second craft I completed was this wreath. This was a little more tricky, but, I think it turned out pretty cute and I was pretty proud of my self!
I'm not going to go through on how I made these, but if you want to check out Amanda's website, it's pretty fun!

This weekend, I am actually going to attempt to make something on my own!! Well, kinda. If it works out and I'm willing to show pictures, I will post those later. Wish me luck!!


Amanda Dale said...

Wow! Great job! Love your choice of ribbon for the wreath!

The Volks said...

Way to go miss crafty-pants! I love the number thing, that's so cool.