Sunday, June 12, 2011

1 Month

Happy One month Finley!!

Here are some of the things you have been up to this month:

Not exactly sure on your weight, but I'm guessing it's close to 9.5lbs
You are starting to look like a little sausage in your newborn clothes, so we will soon be in 0-3 month clothes.
You still look just like your big brother when he was a baby, people always comment on your big lips :)
Your eyes are still very blue, and I know around 6 weeks is when they change, so we won't be surprised if they stay blue.
With us switching you to tummy sleep, this week has been a bit of a challenge with us getting enough sleep during the nights. You have consistently been sleeping in 3 hour stretches, nothing more. I was really enjoying the first few weeks of your life when you would go 4-5 hour stretches...not sure why we have decided sleeping isn't "the cool thing" anymore.
You take great naps during the day, but the witching hours of 5pm-9pm are not the most fun. You are always so tired during those hours but refuse to be put down. You just like all that snuggling.
You have been the best eater! You are still exclusively breast feeding but have had about 4 bottles so far. You eat about every 3 hours, but every once in awhile only go 2 hours.
We are starting to see more smiles out of you. I'm assuming they are either gas or pee-pee smiles but they are still cute!
You have the longest fingers! Everyone comments on the size of your hands. Maybe you will be a basketball player, or pianist :)
Finley, you have been such a sweet baby, very easy to have around. We can't believe it's already been a month since you have been with us.
We love you very much!!

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Precious Girl! Precious Family!