Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

This weekend, we were lucky enough to spend Father's Day with a great dad and husband. A couple weeks ago, Gigi and I took Cole and Finley to a pottery paint place to make Nick's Father's Day gift from the kids. I knew having Cole in a place like that would be a disaster so once we did his part of the platter, Gigi took him home so he didn't break everything in the store :)
We made a grill platter for Nick and it has Cole's hand print and Finley's footprint.
Here is Cole getting his hand painted
Getting his hand print on the platter
Here is what it looked like after the hand and footprints. I didn't get pictures of Finley getting her foot painted because I had to assist in that part :)
This is the final product. We made Cole's hand into a hamburger and Finley's foot into a hotdog. How cute is that!!
On Sunday morning, Nick opened up his present from the kiddos. Here is Nick and Cole showing off his present while we are eating breakfast.
The rest of the day involved church and then BOTH kids taking a long afternoon nap AT THE SAME TIME!!! Halleluia!!! While both kids napped, Nick and I did something we haven't in a long time.....we played Mario Kart and Guitar Hero. We used to play Mario Kart all the time before Cole was born but haven't in a couple years now. We had fun, just relaxing and playing games.
Finally Cole woke up and wanted to take part in the action. Here is Cole jamming out with the guitar.
How talented is this guy!!! He can play Guitar Hero WHILE putting a baby to sleep, ha!
Later in the afternoon, we headed to Nick's parents house for a yummy dinner. Dennis and Nick opened up their presents and boy were they pretty excited about them!!
Dennis got a new iPad!!! Dennis travels all the time, so having this will be great for him.
And Nick got a new universal remote for our house. We have a ridiculous amount of remotes so this one will do everything all in one. I think Nick stayed up till after midnight trying to get that thing programmed...dork! :)
It was a great Father's Day weekend, unfortunately I was not able to spend it with my own dad, but I will be seeing him very soon. Hope everyone out there had great Father's Days!!

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