Friday, June 10, 2011

Our week

I've been a little behind on blogging, not for any real good reason....actually I take that back. Trying to find some time where both kids are sleeping and I have a few minutes to get pictures on my computer and figure out what to write, I guess I do have a good reason.
Last weekend, I needed some mommy and Cole time, so I asked Nick to watch Finley and I took Cole to the splash park. Cole is so funny, he still isn't too fond of water, especially in his face, so I think he was the only kid with dry hair for the first 30 minutes. However, he did loosen up a bit and finally got his head wet. He was having so much fun, running around like a crazy man.
And yes, he is wearing the same swim outfit as last summer. If he still fits in them, I'm not going to spend the money on new ones!

After we left the splash park, we went to Sonic and had yummy drinks. That is my kind of afternoon! It was so great to spend some alone time with Cole. He is not being neglected by any means lately, but our attention isn't solely on him anymore and I wanted to spend some uninterrupted time with him.
Next week my mom's group has a play date at the splash park so I'm going to take Cole again and Gigi is going to come watch Finley. If it weren't crazy hot outside, I would take her with us but it is just way too hot for a baby right now.

Tuesday evening, the girls in my Life Group got together for a pot luck dinner and we just sat around talking, drinking wine and actually watched some basketball. It was such a fun night, I totally needed some time out with girls!! That was also Nick's first time being home alone with both kids. He managed to get Cole in the bathtub and into bed, who knows how much crying went on or how clean he "really" got, but he was proud of himself and I was proud of him too. :) Now we are going to have to do this more often!!

I've talked before about how our Roxy is our little mother-hen with the baby. Yes, I lay my baby on the floor, giving Roxy the perfect opportunity to cuddle. :) It really is so cute to see how sweet Roxy is.
The reason I sometimes lay Finley on the floor is because we have realized lately that she is going to be a tummy sleeper. Yes....gasp!!!! I know they are supposed to sleep on their backs but we have had major issues with her sleeping on her back and she sleeps much better on her stomach.
Finley has major gas issues and if she goes to sleep right after she eats, she gets extremely gassy. We follow the whole "eat-play-sleep" pattern during the day, giving her tummy some time to settle before she goes to sleep. However, at night she goes straight to bed after I feed her. She would grunt all night long, never seeming like she was in a good, deep sleep. She wouldn't cry much but I could tell she was uncomfortable. We've tried the gas drops, gripe water....which the gripe water does help a lot but not enough to let her continue on her back. So, after monitoring her for a couple days during the day, sleeping on her stomach, I felt comfortable enough to try the night sleep on her stomach. Last night was our first attempt at it and she did sleep much better. We have an AngelCare monitor which would alert us if she stopped breathing so I felt better about the tummy sleeping. Even though we have the Angel monitor, I think I checked her every hour, haha!!!
I just hope this is our answer and she continues to sleep better!

So let me tell you about my Mother-of-the-Year morning I had. My mom's group was meeting at IHop to have breakfast with the kids. I knew I was being daring, attempting to take both kids out to eat by myself. I've gone out and done errands, walks and parks by myself with the kids, but expecting Cole to play nice with all the kids and sit still during a meal....AND try to keep a nearly 1 month old happy.....HAHAHA!!!!!!
To start out, I thought we were meeting at 10am, but looked at it was 9:30. I didn't have time to feed Finley so I pumped a bottle real quick but I really was hoping she would just sleep the whole time, not needing the bottle. After scrambling to get everyone in the car, we were a few minutes late. Ok, so we sat down and all the kids had crayons and paper to color on. Except, Cole and the kids around him kept stealing each others crayons and Cole had a meltdown. Yeah, a little embrassing! After threatening timeouts and who knows what else, I did what any mom would do.....gave him my phone so he could watch Mary Poppins videos :)
Alright, so he starts to settle down and now Miss Finley is waking up...great!!! I knew if she woke up I'd have to feed her so trying to give her her 3rd bottle in her lifetime all the while trying to carry on conversations, it's not so easy. Again, she has only had 2 bottles before this so she isn't real comfortable with them yet. So after massive amounts of spit up and burps so was good to go, however she wouldn't let me put her down.
THEN, I realize I smell pee....I feel around on Cole's shorts and realize he is completely soaked through his diaper. I completely forgot to change his diaper before we left and didn't even bring a spare!!! I guess I'm so worried about making sure I have everything for the baby that a I didn't even think about a spare diaper for Cole! I mean, literally, he is wet all the way up to his shirt, everything! I had no choice but to let him finish eating and sit in his wet-ness.
We were all pretty close to being done eating and I don't think a server has ever gotten that many mom's their checks so fast! Yes, we were one of "those" tables that every server dreads having. We finally got into the car, but I wasn't about to let him get the carseat all wet, so this is my view of Cole from the front seat.....haha!!! Poor Cole!!
Yep, no clothes, diaper, completely in the buff!
I knew I'd have to experience my first outing at some point, but never did I imagine it to be such a disaster. All you can really do is laugh right?
Hopefully our weekend turns out better. Although, Nick has a guys night tonight so I'll be with the kiddos on my own tonight. Maybe I can actually get in time to watch our netflix movie that's been sitting on our counter for 3 weeks :)

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The Bare Crew said...

Oh Annie - I soooo remember those days. (I can't tell you how many times I've left the house without shoes, my purse ....) Hang in there...