Friday, June 3, 2011

End of the Year Party and some randoms...

Thursday was Cole's last day at Ms. Jen's. I had been dreading this day for so long because Cole absolutely loves being at her house with all his friends. I know he will miss all of them, but I'm sure we will keep in touch with them! Wednesday afternoon Ms. Jen had an End of the Year party and it was a blast watching all the kiddos!
They all munched on some yummy food, and they even had snow cones!

Ms. Jen even had a pinata for the kids to try to destroy, however, this pinata was impossible but they still had fun giving it a good whack!

Once all the candy was out, they all got to fill up a bag to take home.
We are definitely going to miss Cole being at Ms. Jen's, she truly has been such an awesome sitter and friend. She loves what she does and you can see that she just adores those kiddos. Cole was lucky to be with them this past school year!

Here is a funny picture of Cole taking his nap today. He's been so funny when it comes time to go to bed, he gets books, crayons, stuffed animals, anything really and puts them in bed with him. This is how I found him today...crayons, sippy cup, books, coloring pages, monkey. Silly goose!
This morning we had to take Finley to the hospital for her 2 week newborn screening test. Yes, she is a little over 3 weeks now, so I was a little delayed on getting the test done. Actually to be honest, I just forgot about doing it. I think with Cole we did it at our pediatrician's office but now they make you go back up to the hospital to do it...which is a little annoying b/c they have to get her all registered and that takes forever to sign all that paperwork.
All they had to do was prick her heel and get some blood. She fussed a little bit, but overall did great. While we were at the hospital I took her up to the lactation office to have her weighed b/c I was curious.
She was 7lb 2 oz at birth....
7lb 6 oz at one week....and....
today she was 8lb 15oz!
The nurse weighing her said that is definitely above the average weight gain so I was super excited to hear that because Finley is a massive spitter-upper and I wanted to make sure she was gaining enough, which she is!! Yay!!

Here is a cute picture from the other day....I love it when they sleep like this. She likes it when she gets the chance b/c at night I swaddle her soooo tight and to where she can't get her arms free. Hehe....but, that's they only way she will sleep 4-5 hour stretches.
"Whatup folks!!"
These cute sunglasses were a gift from Gigi, they are the smallest sunglasses I've ever seen!! :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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