Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our long weekend

We had a long, busy, but fun weekend!! We started the weekend off with another trip to the park. We are having to start doing all our outside trips in the mornings because it's starting to get very warm and humid here...ugh! While at the park, Cole spent some time pushing Finley around in the stroller.

Later on in the day Cole got out his Big Wheels and pushed himself around on that. He still hasn't quite figured out the pedaling part so for now he just pushes himself. :)
Just a goofy picture of Mr. Cole, enjoying his drink
Friday night we went into Nick's parents house because he had a lot of family in town for Emily's wedding shower. It was great to get out of the house a bit and seeing all the family. Finley did great being out and about and all the aunts loved passing her around :)
Saturday mid-morning was Emily's shower. It was at a lovely winery and it was a blast seeing everybody. It was a great shower and Finley slept the entire time! She is still pretty inconsistent with her feedings, sometimes going 2 hours, sometimes 3 and sometimes only 1...so I knew it would be best for her to come along with me. I totally lucked out that she slept the whole time because it was pretty noisy and towards the end of the shower she got passed around quite a bit between Gigi's friends. They were so funny, they would literally time each other before the next person got to hold her, ha!
The rest of the day we just hung out with the girls and then enjoyed a nice dinner at Fireside Pies. I was gone pretty much all day, and when we got home, I was EXHAUSTED!!! Luckily everyone slept great that night!
Sunday, we got up and went to church for the first time since Finley was born. I didn't want to put her in the nursery yet so we just sat in the back with all the other infants. She did great and Cole was so excited to be back at church. Every time we pull into the parking lot, Cole yells "Play!!!" We are so lucky that he loves being at church!

Sunday afternoon we had to go back to Nick's parents house to get our car and while we were there, Cole decided that he was going to pack up all our stuff and head home. He grabbed his backpack, Finley's diaper bag, my phone and he headed right out the door. What's funny is that he didn't tell any of us that he was leaving, he just walked right out the door and luckily we saw him. I guess we are gonna have to make sure our front door is always locked so he doesn't make a habit out of this :)

Monday, we mostly hung around the house and relaxed. That evening we went to a BBQ that one of the couples from our Life Group was putting on. They have an awesome house with a pool and every toy for the kids that you can imagine. We all had a great time and it was so fun spending time with our friends. However, Cole had a TOTAL meltdown when we had to leave and literally screamed the whole 5 minute drive home. I know, 5 minutes is nothing, but when it's screaming like that, it feels like forever! We have never seen him get so upset so I'm guessing he was just having way too much fun.

Here are just a few random pictures from the last few days.
Cole being sweet to his baby sister :)
Finley sporting one of the new bows she got from our friend Debby :)
What a sweet princess....sleeping babies are the best!!
I've been noticing lately how much Cole and Finley's baby pictures are so similar. Except for the hair.....
This is Cole when he was about 2 weeks.
This is Finley at 2-ish weeks
I always joked that if I ever had a daughter, she'll probably be bald. With girls you want them to have lots of hair....but nope, my son got all the hair. I just think it's so funny that Cole had mountains of hair from day one and still does...yet Finley is a little baldy. She does have some dark hair in the back, but in the front, it's pretty bald. :) Oh well, she's still cute as can be!!!

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