Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Miss Finley Marie's Birth Story

Before I get into what we have been up to the last week or so, I wanted to share Finley's birth story.
Last Tuesday, May 10th, I went in for my last OB appointment. At that time we would decide if my doctor wanted me to go into the hospital that night to start the induction or if I could wait till morning. It all depended on how dilated I was. He said I was 1-2 cm dilated but things were definitely not "favorable", meaning I was still pretty "closed for business". I told him I really wanted to stay at home that night and go in the morning, especially since my family was coming into town that evening and I wanted to spend some time with them before having the baby. He agreed and told me to be at the hospital around 7am Wednesday (May 11). I really didn't get any sleep that last night, even after taking a Tylenol PM! The baby was going crazy AND I started having a few contractions during the night making it pretty uncomfortable to sleep. My contractions were mostly in my back and down through my hips...strange I know!
We got to the hospital, got settled in and then there was a bit of a debate on how exactly they were going to induce me. My doctor is much more conservative, wanting to do things the safe, slower way....which I definitely want, but I also didn't want to have to go home to wait it out, which was an option my doctor gave me. I told the nurses I did not want to leave the hospital without the baby so they suggested we do things to speed things along. However, my smart doctor must know how I labor quickly and he strongly recommended I do it his route. I mean, duh, he is the doctor!!!
So we started the process to get things rolling, they said it could be a good 12 hours till things really start to happen and to get comfortable. At this point I was still having some inconsistent contractions, maybe every 10-15 minutes but definitely very tolerable!
Probably around 10:30, the nurse informed me I was about 5 cm dilated and things were definitely happening quicker than we all thought. It's still so weird to me because I'm dilating, but still no real consistent contractions.
It was funny because at that point, a nurse came in and started setting up all the equipment for delivery and all of a sudden, the alarms start going off on my monitor and the nurses are coming in and realize my blood pressure and heart rate sky-rocketed and they laughed at me because I totally freaked out when the nurse was setting up the delivery equipment...it was all happening at this point! My nerves just got the best of me.
My nurse asked if I was ready for an epidural but I felt like I hadn't quite earned it yet because still, my contractions were barely coming and still very tolerable. I waited about 30 more minutes because the nurse checked me again and I was about 7cm. So I got my epidural and at that point our family was starting to arrive. My good friend Stacey was also going to come up after I got my epidural in and take pictures for us, but things happened so fast that she didn't even get to make it up till after the birth, I was kinda bummed about that, but I guess nobody can control the human body :) Stacey was there right after she was born and got some great pictures, we are so grateful she was there because everyone else was busy paying attention to the baby. Thanks Stacey!!!
After having my epidural in for about 30 minutes, the whole family came in for literally 5 minutes and then my doctor got there and informed us it was time to push. I literally could not believe it, this was happening so fast! I pushed for about 15 minutes and next thing we know......
"IT'S A GIRL"!!!!

Miss Finley Marie Seeman arrived at 12:33 pm and weighed 7lbs 2oz.

Obviously a lot smaller than we were all expecting, but she is perfect.

While all our excitement was going on, all our family and friends were out in the waiting room and luckily they had a fun play area for the kiddos.
Cole and Cameron having fun together :)
Mimi and Papa hanging out with Cameron while waiting....

Nick finally went out to tell everyone and to say everyone was shocked is an understatement. I think most everyone was convinced we were having a boy. Yes, I think all 3 of them were crying in this picture. :)
Cole, you have a new baby sister
Showing off the first few pictures
We wanted Cole to be the first one to meet Finley so he was pretty excited to come see her.
Cole....slow down!!!

On their way into the room
Our first family of four picture
Cole being sweet to his new baby sister

Mimi and Papa's first picture with Finley

Granddad and Gigi with Finley

After getting into my postpartum room, I couldn't get food fast enough. I was so worried that I would starve during the day because I thought I'd be in labor all day, and not able to eat but luckily it happened sooner than expected and I could eat.

Later in the day, Finley got her first bath. It's so nice because at our hospital, the baby never leaves mom and dad, they do everything in the room. Obviously if we want her to go to the nursery they will take her but otherwise the baby stays in the room with mom and dad. It was fun to see the first bath because I didn't get to see that with Cole.
Momma and daughter snuggling

After spending 2 nights in the hospital, it was time to go home. We really enjoyed our time in the hospital but of course it's always nice to go home.

Here is Finley in her going away outfit. I would have to say I'm glad that I made all these cute bows and I can use them instead of giving them away to someone else. Having a girl is going to be so fun!!!

Finally leaving the hospital

We are finally home and Cole actually let us take a picture of him. The first couple days, he was not all that interested in the new baby, but now he's starting to talk to her more and be very sweet to her. He always calls her his "baby sister". :)

Our first few days at home have been great, Finley is a great baby, sleeping.....well, like a newborn, sleeping all day and not so much at night. Oh well, we'll get there. I will post more pictures of our last few days soon but I just wanted to get her birth story written before it got too late.

Welcome to the world our sweet baby Finley!!!!

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Christi said...

the heart rate thing is hilarious! Sounds like a good birth, so happy for you! Thanks for sharing and I hope these first weeks go smooth for all! She's a sweetie and I love her name! Yay for girls and bows!