Friday, May 27, 2011

Starting to get adjusted

Finishing week 1 with both kids by myself under my belt, I'm starting to feel more comfortable with my duties. Wednesday morning I even got both kids to the park and it was a very successful trip! There were a ton of kids there so Cole had a blast! Luckily Finley slept in the stroller the whole time so Cole and I could play.
After we were at the park, we went to Sonic and got lunch and drinks....that is my kind of day! :)
Here is a picture of Cole and Finley playing in her playmat.....Cole loves laying and playing with all the baby stuff lately!!
Yesterday Cole was at Ms. Jen's so Finley and I just hung out at home most of the day. We did take a trip to the grocery store but that was the fastest grocery shopping trip I have ever been on because she started to get a bit fussy.
Nick's sister is having here wedding shower this weekend so we have quite a bit of family coming into town so last night Nick's mom, Aunt Mary and cousin Stephanie came up for a bit. My friend Wendi from school came up for a visit and it was great seeing her! It's nice to have visitors come up, especially when you are stuck at home most of the day. :) We also had some friends from church bring us food and Nick was in LOVE with the meal!! I'm guessing it's better than anything I've been preparing lately...ha!
I love this picture of our sweet Roxy...she loves to lay by the baby!!!
Here is a current picture of Finley...she's wearing a cute skirt for the first time. Although, I realize with our crazy comforter it's kinda hard to see her skirt pattern.

Here are a couple more pictures of Cole and Finley from this morning. Just hanging out in bed and yes, Cole is on the ipad. It's ridiculous how that kid knows how to work that thing!

Quick update on the kiddos (mostly for my record): Cole has been super great with Finley, although he has been a bit clingy lately. Usually when we take him to Ms. Jen's he runs to the door and doesn't look back but lately he's been clinging to us not wanting us to leave him. Totally understandable!! We've had a few more tantrums and meltdowns but for the most part he's doing a great job in his new role.
Finley has continued to be a great baby! She takes great naps during the day and is sleeping really good at night. Our pediatrician says we still need to feed her every 3-4 hours at night and that we can start letting her go 5 hours once she is 1 month old. She is pretty consistent with waking up every 3 hours though. Once I feed her she goes right back down though so I'm only awake about 20-30 minutes each feeding. Totally different than when Cole was a took that kid almost an hour to eat each feeding so I was MUCH more tired with him than with Finley. Finley does have a bit of a harder time in the evenings, that is kinda her fussier time. Nothing we can't handle though, and usually at that point Nick is getting home from work and he takes her...hehe! :)
We are looking forward to spending time with family this 3 day weekend!!

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Anonymous said...

Yaay...I got a shout out in the blog! :-) Love the pics of Cole & Finley chillin' on your bed. They look so comfy!

Glad we got to catch up. See you next week!
- Wendi