Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our first week home with the girl :)

Finley has been with us for one week now and it sure has brought about some changes! She has been such a great baby and it's so crazy the similarities between her and Cole when he was a newborn. To start, they look so much alike as newborns, and their personalities are so similar as well. However, one major difference between the two is that Finley is the greatest nurser ever!! I had SO many challenges with Cole, trying to get him to latch on and it would take us almost an hour every time I had to feed him. Miss Finley latched on from day one and we have had no problems since! I'm so grateful for that!
She is sleeping like a typical newborn still, having to eat every 3 hours. The past few nights have been quite a bit better, her getting longer stretches of sleep in and mom and dad getting more than a few hours each night.

Originally when we brought Finley home, Cole was far from interested in this new person. He was sweet to her, but not at all interested. This is what he would rather be doing than playing with his baby sister....
My dad got Cole a Big Wheel while he was here and Cole had a blast helping my dad put it together.
The other day, Nick and I were laughing so hard because Cole was wanting me to hold him but I was feeding Finley, so Nick grabbed him and was acting like he was the baby. This is how Nick used to put Cole to sleep a lot of the time, bouncing him on the exercise ball....however, Cole is a bit larger these days, haha!!
Cole has now taken a big interest in Finley and loves to be around her, kiss her, try to give her a paci (even though she doesn't use one yet) and push her in the swing. If he ever hears her crying, he runs into the room wondering what's wrong with "baby sister". He has been such a great big brother.
Cole loves to lay in Finley's Nap Nanny....I would too if I could fit!

I'm absolutely loving it that I can now play more and cuddle more with Cole. The last part of the pregnancy, I felt like I couldn't do anything and I felt like I was missing out on so much with Cole. I'm loving being able to actually crawl into bed with him and read him a book and put him to bed. And, that he can sit in my lap and cuddle with me. I just love that little guy so much!

Here are a couple cute pictures of Cole and Finley, he was being so sweet to her!!

Yesterday Nick and I took Finley to the pediatrician for her first weigh-in, well check appointment. The doctor said they usually give babies 2 weeks to get back to their birth weight but Finley has already passed it! She weighed 7lbs 2 oz at birth and yesterday she weighed 7lbs 6oz. Everything else went great and the doctor was very pleased with her, she pretty much is just perfect! :)
Today is my very first day at home alone with Finley. Cole was SO ready to go see his friends at Ms. Jen's house so he is there today and tomorrow and then he will go 2 days a week till the end of school. It is kinda weird being home alone with Finley now that all the company is gone. My mom left yesterday and of course we were sad to see her leave. What really was a bummer was that she wasn't feeling 100% up to par while she was here so she really tried to stay away from the baby. I felt bad for her because how can you resist holding a sweet newborn!?! But, we so appreciated all the help she was around the house. She stocked our fridge with food and played with Cole and that was a huge help.
Monday will be my first day home alone with BOTH kiddos...I'm pretty much freaking out about it but I've gotta do it at some point right? I'm just afraid Cole will get bored, so hopefully I can come up with fun things for him to do.
It's amazing what a difference it is going from one child to two! Whew!

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The Volks said...

1) Love Miss Finley's outfits! Oh they just bring back memories. :)

2) Cole looks so grown up with his new big boy hair cut!

3) I'm so sad I wasn't there long enough to see Cole start to take an interest in "baby sister". The pictures are so, so, so sweet!

4) That nap nanny thing is cool. I've never seen one of those before!