Monday, May 23, 2011

Finley's Room

Over the past week, Nick and I have been busy putting Finley's room together. While I was pregnant, we went ahead and picked out girl bedding but obviously didn't order it till she came out a girl. We got the bedding in late last week and set it up right away.
Here are some pictures of her room so far.

This is what it looks like when you walk in
I made these letters last week and we hung them above her crib. I did the same thing in Cole's room with his letters. I just got cute scrap book paper, cut out the letters and glued them onto the wood letters.

The lighting isn't very good, but here is a picture of the bedding. The bedding turned out MUCH brighter in person. It didn't look this crazy bright online, but oh well, we still like it. Hopefully it won't be too much stimulation for Finley when she actually starts sleeping in the crib, ha!
Another view of the crib and letters

Closer look at the bedding
Of course, what kind of Texas mother would I be without making her a bow holder!?! Yes, can you believe that I actually made this? Maybe having a girl will bring out the creativity in me. :)
I've had these little shelves for as long as I can remember. All the way back to when I was a little girl. They were painted a dark green to match my old furniture. They weren't being used because the green didn't go with anything, so I decided to paint them pink and hang them up. I think they turned out pretty cute, I just don't have anything to put on the shelves yet.
Here is the other side of the room. I still want to put a little something on either side of the mirror, so we'll see what I find for that.

Again, we still have a few things to do, but I just can't believe we got all that put together so quickly! We didn't even have Cole's room all finished when he was born...and we knew he was a boy! ha!

So an was my first day alone with both kids. Nick can tell you that I was absolutely terrified of it all weekend. I'm totally fine with Finley, but I was just afraid that Cole would get bored. I had every intention of taking them to the park but the weather has not been cooperating. It's supposed to rain the next couple days, so hopefully that doesn't last long. Cole will be going to Ms. Jen's Tuesday and Thursday this week so at least he'll get to see his friends and get some play time in.
It definitely has been a little crazy having Cole and Finley all to myself today, I was just so proud of myself when I got Cole down for his nap and we hadn't had any melt-downs all day. Yeah, I haven't showered or hardly gotten dressed today but hey, it's my first day. But seriously, how do mothers of 2 or 3 find time to get ready!?! I guess for awhile I'll just have to shower at night once Nick is home. It sure is crazy weird going from 1 to 2 kids...makes you realize how just having 1 kid is a piece of cake! But, I love every minute of it and they are such a blessing!

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