Saturday, June 18, 2011

My hair and some crazy kids

Last weekend, I randomly decided to chop my hair off. I always do this to myself....I want to grow my hair out but by the time it gets long, it gets too heavy (I have crazy thick hair), too hot and it gets in the way when you have little ones, especially the baby!
So, here is my before picture. I feel like I look so frumpy in this picture, so a change was definitely needed!!
I don't really have a good after picture, this is the only one I have...but you get the idea.
We cut 9 inches off, 1 inch short of Locks for Love. If I was a good person I would have waiting another month or so and donated to Locks for Love but when I get something in my head, I want it NOW! And I definitely wasn't wanting to go any shorter because it already got a little shorter than I had wanted.
(Finley's face is definitely starting to fill out!!!)
This week, we had a couple play dates. Wednesday, Cole, Finley and I headed over to a girls house and it was perfect because all us moms have boys within a few months of each other and then 3 out of the 4 moms had baby girls. So, I didn't feel like the only mom trying to juggle 2 little ones. Cole had such a great time playing with the boys and playing outside. Of course it was my plan that I would feed Finley before we left, then she'd fall asleep in the car and sleep the whole time we were there, but of course she didn't fall asleep and wouldn't sleep the whole time we were there so my plan of sitting around chatting with the moms didn't really happen. :) Oh well!
Thursday, Gigi came up and watched Finley so I could take Cole on another play date to the splash park. I was so excited about taking him and only having to worry about 1 kid and actually being able to spend some time with the other moms, but Cole was just not having the best day. He wasn't really feeling the water park and then he went to play on the swings and jungle gym stuff, then he fell and hit his head pretty hard and then it was just down-hill from there. We finally went home and I think he had a pretty good headache. Poor guy!
This picture is terrible but I thought it was a funny picture of Cole with a straw hanging out of his mouth. :)
Cole using mom as a jungle gym...he did this about 50 times
Then he had to get some snuggle time in with Roxy...ahh!!
A cute picture of my little family
The other day we gave Cole a blue sucker and we couldn't believe how blue his mouth turned. It was stained like that for the whole day/night. He thought it was pretty funny though.
Cole showing off his favorite thing ever...his monkey. He is so attached to this monkey, I wonder if it will go to college with him :)
And Miss Finley....she is doing pretty good. She actually has been having some longer stretches of sleep this past week. One night she had a 5 hour stretch and I couldn't believe how rested I felt...haha!
We have a pretty fun weekend planned. Today we actually have 3 birthday parties we were invited to but I think we may only make it to one of those. Our godson Grayson is turning 1 so we are excited to spend part of the day with him. Plus, Cole is SO excited about going to "Beau's house" (Grayson's dad). Cole is so funny, he will randomly talk about going to "Beau's house" so when we told him we were going today he got pretty excited.
Tomorrow we are celebrating Father's Day with Nick's family. I'm excited for Nick to open his presents, and I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as he sees them first.
Happy Weekend everyone!

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