Monday, October 5, 2009

Fun Weekend

Grandpa and Grammy Volk came into town this weekend and we all had a great time! They got here Thursday night and were able to watch Cole Friday while Nick and I were at work. The rest of the weekend was spent mostly hanging out, watching my parents play with Cole and LOTS of baby food making. The freezer was getting pretty low on food so I went to Sprouts and picked up some food. Now that Cole is 8 months, I thought we should be introducing some new foods into his diet. Some new ones we are trying are Broccoli, Asparagus (get ready for some stinky pee-pee!!!!!!!!!! ha!), pumpkin and oatmeal. I also got a couple melons but not quite sure how to give him those. You can't really freeze melons so I think I'll just have to mash some up for him if we have it around the house. Now that Cole is eating 3 meals a day, we definitely go through food a lot quicker! It's totally worth it though...I made about a months worth of food and paid about $30 for everything. Now, let's do the math: A jar of food costs about $.80 and he eats almost 3 of those a day.
30 days x 3 jars = 90
$.80 x 90 = $72!! - for the month

That's more than double what I'm paying! So even though it takes more time and effort to make his food, it's worth it in the long run and he's getting such a variety of foods. Don't get me wrong, we still use jars every once in awhile...when we go out to eat or when I've run out of homeade food like last week. Last week I did realize how easy it was to just pull a jar out of the pantry and I understand why parents do that, but I'm just trying to help our budget out and lessen an expense that could potentially be pretty big.'s good for him!
So besides all the cooking and baking I did this weekend, we also watched lots of baseball and football. Wahoo for the Twins, Rockies and Broncos!!!! I am a Cowboys fan, but not when they play the Broncos. I was pretty excited for the team because nobody thought they'd be any good this year. Now if only the Vikings beat the Packers tonight, we will have one happy household tonight!

We will be planting ourselves in front of the TV tonight for the big game and maybe we'll keep Cole up a little later so he can watch the opening kickoff, then it will be off to bed for him.

Go Vikings!!!

Here are some pictures of this weekend

Cole playing with his new piano that Grammy and Grandpa got him

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Holy cow...your child is getting a fro! Very nice, very nice!