Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Wrapup

We did a whole lot of nothing this weekend, but it sure was fun!!! The weather was absolutely perfect and we did a lot of family bonding...haha!
Saturday we had to go to Babies R Us and get some "baby proofing" things for our house and then just hung out the rest of the day. Nick gives me a hard time when I make him run errands with us....for instance, when we got out of the car he says, "aren't you going to tip your driver?" He thinks I just invite him along to drive us around. :)
I made a bunch of food for Cole and am still in the process of making a whole lot more. We gave him some cantaloupe to try yesterday and then we're also going to try some chicken, rice pasta and blueberries. I'll definitely have to take some pictures after we eat blueberries!!! Wonder if it will permanently stain his lips purple :). Go Vikings!!!

Speaking of Vikings, here is Cole cheering on his team...
Cole and I don't get a whole lot of pictures together since I'm usually the one taking the pictures, but here we are....ahhhhh!!!! Mr. Homie-G with his hat backwards.

Nick didn't think this video was too funny, hence the look on his face while I'm hysterically laughing in the background. I was laughing so hard I was crying, but I guess what's funny to me is not as funny to others.

This picture also cracks me up, he looks like he's doing his football pose, you know, when football players cock their head back to make their neck look bigger than it really is?? ha!! (What do you think, do you see the similarity??)

This is just a funny video I took this morning...he's just playing in the office

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coneandmo said...

Cute! Mike and Nick are very similar, I think things are funny and he just looks at me.
Funny, we have the opposite problem with the neck pillow, too big for Ashlynn.