Monday, October 26, 2009

Proud Daddy!!!

Tonight I was at Young Life and I get a text message from Nick saying..."check your email, I'm the proudest dad ever!". So I check my email and there was this video

This is the first time he has "walked" on his own like that. I couldn't believe it! I mean, he JUST started crawling, he shouldn't be walking yet. As exciting as it is to see him do all these new things, it is kind of sad because it's going so fast. I don't think I am ready for him to start walking, he needs to stay a baby :)
Nick did take a few videos of him walking tonight, but this is the only he would let me post because he said his voice was too high-pitched in the others...haha!!


Stacey said...

OMG he's walking with such ease! He looks like he's been doing it for weeks! There's no turning back ;-)

Dennis said...

I guess I was won't be 3 weeks. It will actually be less than 3 weeks. Continue enjoying him!!

Anonymous said...

Start cutting that 40 time down. Love the sparkle on Nick's big ol' lower lip.

Sherry said...

So cute and makes me so nervous for what is in store for us! The girls are crawling all over and pulling themselves up on things.