Thursday, October 22, 2009

Not a whole lot going on, but so much at the same time!

It's been awhile since I've posted, to be honest, I couldn't think of anything spectacular to write about. We haven't had a whole lot of exciting things going on in our house, but at the same time, a whole lot of "firsts" and new things the little one is experiencing.
Let me take you back to last Friday....I gave our babysitter some yogurt to try to give Cole, she said at first he didn't like it so much, but then by the end he was loving it (I knew he wouldn't turn it down, he has yet to dislike anything I have given him). We drive down to Houston for the weekend and we wake up Saturday morning to one unhappy baby!!! Holy Moses, it was bad! He wouldn't let me or Nick put him down, and he just whimpered and cried all day long. His breathing was funny, he was acting very lethargic, and just not himself. We originally thought it was his tooth coming in or his belly was bothering him. When he starting acting lethargic, I started getting very concerned, I almost took him into a doctor down there but Nick just told me to wait it out. Since Cole has yet to be sick I was a little panicked. We were in Houston for our friends baby shower and all the women there told me that maybe we should try some apple or pear juice to try to get him to poo-poo. :) At that point I realized that he was probably very bothered by the dairy we gave him the previous day. I should have whole family practically has dairy issues so I wasn't terribly surprised. We give Cole some pear juice, 10 minutes later he exploded, and then he was happy....which makes momma happy! I don't like my little guy being miserable! It does kind of suck to think that he might have a diary intolerance, but we definitely won't be experimenting with dairy anytime soon. Guess we'll talk to the doctor about that at his 9 month appointment. I am surprised that they recommend giving babies dairy before a year because dairy is hard to digest...hmmmm.

So other than poo and dairy issues, Cole has been on the go! He's all over the place now and literally we can't take our eyes off him. This picture shows that he is now pulling up and his first place to crawl to is the TV and fireplace...the 2 safest places in the house of course. ha!
He has been doing the army crawl for quite some time now, but just this week, he has consistently been "real" crawling. I finally got a video of him crawling. The last few seconds of the video kind of suck, I was trying to figure out how to pull the blinds up while holding the camera...didn't work so well obviously.

We are hoping to do some fun things this weekend, visit a pumpkin patch, go to a kid's thing in downtown Frisco and just enjoy the nice COOL weather.
Oh, and another exciting thing...Cole is graduating into his bigger car seat. We've been needing to get it for some time because he's almost to the weight limit in his infant seat, but we put it off because they were so dang expensive. We decided to shop on ebay and we found a brand new 2008 model for about half the price. I guess if you buy an older model they are quite a bit less. I'm sure Cole will love his new seat. Shoot, it looks so comfortable that maybe I want to sit in it.
Oh wait....I did sit in it :)

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The Miller Family said...

Your little man is so stinkin' adorable! And... I laughed out loud at the picture of you in his carseat. :o)