Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Review

Boy did we have a busy weekend!!! Our friends Dave and Steph's little Evan turned one year so we went to his party. Cole had a great time playing with all the kiddos! Then I had my friend Katy's baby shower and then later that night we went out for Blake's birthday. We all went out for seafood at Lefty's (very good by the way!). We decided to have a later dinner so we could leave the baby home with Casey. Nick and I haven't been out like that in 8 months, so it was nice to have some adult time. Here are some pictures of our evening out.We had to get a shot of Blake with his awesome lobster bib....nice Blake!

Here's me and Nick before dinner

Everyone deep in conversation...

Saturday night Nick and I gave Tracy her birthday present since she was not in town for it. A few weeks ago our friend Rebecca took some pictures for us and we framed them and gave them to Tracy. Here are a couple pictures of those

Luckily, I have had a 3 day weekend and it has been awesome! I love having Mondy's off!! Cole and I had such a great time hanging out today, but I realized that my days of leaving Cole on the floor and going into the other room real quick are so over!!! He follows me all around the house and just scoots everywhere. I literally can't take my eyes off him now! I also realized all the baby-proofing stuff we're going to have to buy real soon.
During Cole's lunch today, I tried to give him one of those biter biscuits. All my friends have told me how messy they are but I still wanted to try it. Take a look at these pictures and they'll give you an idea of how messy they really are!! He sure liked it though!

This is Cole after eating the biscuit....yummy...who wants kisses???

"MOM...come on, don't take it away from me!!!!"

This video shows how Cole is now pulling himself up onto everything...and why is it that babies are so drawn to electronics?? Now I'm wishing that when we were picking out a TV stand a few years ago, that we would have thought about future children...ha! It sure would be nice if it had doors on it...oh well.

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