Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Baby Update

Well, I am now having weekly doctor appointments. I can't decide if this will make the time go faster or slower...hmmm. However, I do kinda like going in and seeing how the baby is progressing. I had another sonogram and here is what we discovered: The baby's head is so extremely low that she could hardly get measurements of it. She said that's not real common at 34 weeks but will be great come time to deliver! However, that also makes for one uncomfortable mama. The last few days I had been feeling LOTS of pressure, even in my lower back and now we know why. She also told me that as of now (and I know this can change), the baby is sunny-side up. I guess I wasn't surprised because Cole was the exact same way. Babies are supposed to come out looking down but my babies like to look up, thus, making it much harder to deliver. So let's just pray that this baby flips around in the next few weeks.

My fluid levels were fine, even a little low but not low enough to be concerned. She said there really was no fluid around the head, but I'm not really sure what that all means.

And for measurements, she said baby is about 5lb 13oz. Again, these sonograms aren't completely accurate but the baby is consistent with it's weight gain. She said the baby will gain about a pound every 2 weeks now, so do the math....we are looking at close to a 9lb-er, yikes!

They informed me that with the head being so low and having a big baby, this doesn't necessarily mean I'll deliver early BUT they said that this baby will probably come a lot quicker than the first baby. Since sometimes it takes awhile for the head to drop during labor, I won't have to worry about that part because I'm already there :)

This, however, does make me a little nervous because the beginning of May, pretty much everyone that I would need to be available if I did go into labor early WILL BE OUT OF TOWN!!! Yes, this includes my husband!!! I mean, I really don't mind if this baby comes early, but if it could just hold off till at least May 4th, that would be great! :)

I have my Non-Stress Test next week, and basically it monitors the movements of the baby and watches the heartrate to make sure it doesn't dip or spike and to make sure the placenta is doing what it's supposed to. Should be exciting :)

So all is good on the home-front......YAY!!!! :)


The Volks said...

Oh my gosh, no wonder you were feeling like your water was going to break and the baby was going to fall out! May 4...that's less than a month away!!! Yippppeee! I can't wait. :)

Emily P. said...

small much in common :)