Monday, April 4, 2011

Our weekend

 Last Thursday, Casey, Lexie and Kaylee had to come into town so we got to spend some time together. Cole was BEYOND excited to see Lexie and they played and played and played for several hours. The weather has been great so they were able to play outside.

I had to bring out a little sleeper so that Kaylee could sleep a little bit without Casey having to hold her all afternoon. Of course I would love to hold her more but it is getting to be difficult to hold itty bitty babies. With a giant belly in the way, there isn't anywhere to put the baby, ha! So anyway, I got out this little sleeper and after Kaylee was done sleeping in it, Cole made his way into it and thought it was pretty funny that he could fit into it. He would pretend that he was going "night night" and pretend to snore. Ha! I didn't let him hang out in it for too long because I'm sure there is a weight limit and I'm sure he exceeds that!

We also had our friends The Bell's come into town this weekend. They had a wedding to attend Saturday night but we were able to spend some fun times together. Reagan is about 17 months and she loved playing with all of Cole's toys. Cole was so sweet to her and never got jealous of her playing with his stuff. Again, the weather was awesome this weekend and with us finally getting a new patio set, we were able to spend some relaxing time out on the patio.

Ahhh...Cole giving sweet hugs

Miss Reagan has the sweetest face

The kiddos trying to get Nick to play with them :)

Little Reagan brought me this book to read to her and then Cole walked into the room and he wanted in on the action. Not really sure how they both fit on my lap, especially with my belly taking up most of the room. was a tight fit!

Sunday afternoon, Nick parents came up and picked up Cole for his first ever "date". Cole has been absolutely obsessed with Toy Story lately and when Toy Story on Ice came to Dallas, Nick's parents asked if they could take him. At first I didn't know if he was old enough or if he would sit still long enough but the evening ended up being a huge success! Of course Granddad and Gigi showered him with lots of toys, hats, shirts and programs so he came home with lots of goodies! I'll definitely have to take pictures of him with all his toys sometime soon.

This is a picture that Tracy sent us from when they first arrived. They got him a Woody doll and they said he wouldn't put it down the entire show.

 Tracy also sent this picture of Cole in his new shirt. It's a little big on him so hopefully he still likes Toy Story in a year or so...haha!!

They said the first half of the show, he just sat in amazement and was just soaking everything in. The second half he got more into it, clapping and yelling. It would have been so fun to be there just to watch him but I know the grandparents really enjoyed a night alone with him!

Nick and I were also able to go out on a little date while the grandparents were with Cole. There is a yummy restaurant that we have been wanting to try called Seasons 52. It's a very fresh food restaurant and they change their menu all the time. We invited Blake and Emily to come along with us since we don't get to spend a lot of time with them without little ones around. We had a great time and really enjoyed a relaxing dinner. I'm also excited because I get to go back to this restaurant in a couple weeks for a Mom's Night Out with my mom's group. Can't wait!

It sure was a great weekend and we love spending time with great friends and family. I was totally exhausted Sunday but that's probably just due to pregnancy stuff. I've been super uncomfortable lately, if I was further along, I would say that I could go into labor at any time! I feel like everytime I stand up, my water is going to break. However, I do have 5 weeks left so I'm just gonna have to grin and bear it. I also realized this weekend that all but a few of my shirts no longer fit me! Yikes!!! Also, I have no warm-weather tops so the next 5 weeks will be interesting finding clothes that will fit me. I feel as though this baby gained a pound over night because I swear I woke up Saturday morning and just all of a sudden none of my tops were long enough anymore. So if you see me wearing the same shirt over and over....don't judge! ha! :) I have another doctors appointment tomorrow, do you think if I tell him none of my shirts are fitting me anymore, that will be a good enough reason to deliver this baby early?? Yeah, I'm guessing he won't go for that. :)

We have a pretty crazy hectic schedule the next few weeks and Nick keeps saying we are too busy, but I HATE having down-time, especially just sitting around waiting for this baby to come, I'd rather be doing things to keep me busy. So....bring on the hectic-ness! :)

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