Sunday, April 10, 2011

My so-called "nesting" weekend

Friday recap:

Destroyed house, had many good intentions of organizing only to realize I couldn't do most of what I had wanted, sooo, left the mess for Nick to clean up. Poor Nick, I think he stayed up till midnight moving furniture, toys and boxes around while I peacefully was asleep in our comfortable bed. :)


Yes, I actually let Nick sleep in....well, just little bit. We had lots to get done!! We had to take his car in to get maintenance, so while we were out we stopped at Ikea to look at some shelves for our office to hold all the toys and also a shelf for in Cole's room. Let me start off by saying, I haven't been to Ikea is several years and holy cow I love that store!!! We found so many things we wanted to get and the prices are SO right! We do have to wait till next weekend to get our shelves though because we didn't set aside that money in our budget till then, and if anyone knows me, when I want to get something, I pretty much want it NOW!! So, this is kind of torture for me, but Dave Ramsey says we have to stick to our budget so I guess I can wait :) The rest of the day consisted of cleaning up our office. I don't want to post pictures yet till we get all the shelves and toys put away because right now it still kinda looks scary but we had to do a little rearranging and purging and we threw away LOTS of stuff!! I love throwing things away!! Don't ever have to worry about me being on that hoarding show!!!


After we went to church, I tackled our closet. Ok, I'm just realizing that none of these projects have anything to do with organizing baby stuff....hmmm, maybe I should start thinking about that sometime soon. Anyway, I said earlier that our closet looked like it threw up and it was a complete disaster so I spent quite awhile working on that today. We have a spare bedroom set so we brought in the chest of drawers and found the perfect spot for it. This just gives us a little more storage room.

Our top shelf had things just pouring over the edges, purses, bags, shoes, you name it! Now it looks a little better and we can actually see what's up there. And again...threw lots of stuff away, yay!!

Another thing I'm excited about is that we got most of Cole's toys out of our family room. His toy collection used to be in the corner where his little table is now and again, our room looked like it threw up toys. So after we (I mean Nick) got all the toys in the office, we moved his table to that spot and now we also have room for the upcoming baby swing. OH...does everyone see my new white couch pillows??? Yep, these pillows are so completely soft and fuzzy AND we got them at Pier One with a gift card that we got from our wedding.....5.5 years ago!!! How crazy is that??

This evening, Nick and I headed back up to church. I've been wanting to get Nick and I involved in a Life Group at church and tonight is when we formed the groups. We felt kind of awkward initially because it almost feels like speed-dating for Life groups, ha! BUT, once we met some great couples that we had a lot in common with it was a lot more fun. There are about 8 couples in our group, we all have young children or children on the way and we all live really close to eachother. We are meeting 2 Sundays a month and it's great because we are actually meeting at church so they have free childcare :) It works perfectly because Cole loves going and playing with all the kiddos. I'm just really excited about meeting some great couples from our church and building some good relationships with people that are going through the same things we are! Once we got home from that, it was bath time....but of course Cole had to do a little streaking first, what can I say, he's a boy!

Then Cole and dad had to have a little play time before bed time.

Airplane!!!!!! Cole's new favorite thing!

 Whew...what a crazy weekend, but with only a few weeks left till baby comes, I'm trying to get a bunch of stuff packed into our schedules because I know we'll be stuck at home for awhile come mid-May. It's kind of comical if you look at my calendar.....I seriously have something going on almost every day, every weekend...but then May is completely empty....ha!

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