Friday, April 8, 2011

I seriously have a problem

Call it nesting, call it your "typical Annie"....starting a million things and not finishing, call it whatever! However, I do kinda have a good excuse for not cleaning up all my disasters around my house lately. Yep, it's called being 8 months pregnant and not being able to move or carry anything heavy. So, I do all the destroying, and Nick gets to clean up after me. This works out great huh? :)
It started yesterday afternoon. I got the urge to take out all our winter clothes because our room/closet looked like it threw up clothes. I really do hate clutter, so I've been meaning to fix that problem. My plan was to go buy some giant bins and store our clothes in them. However, I realize that it's kinda hard to buy giant bins when you have a 2 year old taking up half the shopping cart.
So this is what Nick came home to last night......

And this isn't even what was all over our bed!! I even went as far as to take out all my maternity clothes. I know, I know...I still have a month left so I'll probably need those clothes right? Well, I just took out the things I know I'm not gonna wear and the things that are for colder weather. Trust me, the day I come home from the hospital, ALL the maternity clothes will be OUT OF HERE!!! Thank goodness my sister in law will be here so she can take a lot home since she's just starting that chapter in her pregnancy.

Onto disaster #2....we've been meaning to do a little rearranging in our house. Putting the rocker/glider back in the baby's room, putting the pub table that is in our office back in the family room, buying shelves to put all the toys in, transferring all the toys into the office to make our office more of the playroom...whew, with me??
I got the bright idea to start on the office and making some adjustments. Well, I got as far tearing everything apart, "attempting" to move one of the filing cabinets only to realize my uterus did not like that. So this is where I stop....
Pub table in the entry way, pub chairs in the dining room

Everything that was on the floor is now in the desk and see, the one lonely filing cabinet I moved myself.

Alright....I realize I'll have to wait till Nick comes home to finish my projects, so I thought I'd move onto some kitchen cabinets. I took out all the bottles from the cabinet and have intentions of washing/sterilizing them, but this is what my kitchen has looked like for the last couple hours....
I mean, I can't even pick them up off the floor??? Do I really think Nick will clean up after this mess!!! Um, probably not! It's just, my dishwasher needs to be unloaded, dishes in the sink then need to be loaded, and then I can wash the bottles. However, I'm just not in a cleaning dishes kind of mood right now. So until Nick tells me to move my mess or Cole trips on them, they may stay there for a couple more hours.

Ok, so onto something where I actually WAS a little productive. Last night I went to a consignment sale that our town puts on twice a year. When I was pregnant with Cole I found some great stuff and I found great stuff this time too. However, it was kinda hard buying things for the new baby since we don't know boy or girl.
However, I did find this cute table and chair set for Cole. It's not the exact color we wanted but I figure if we get brave enough, we could sand and repaint it eventually. It does need a little TLC but for $20, I couldn't resist!

I also got Cole a few shirts and shorts but the things I really was hoping to find (outdoor play stuff) they didn't have any of that. Ah well!


hann said...

What is more remarkable with this kind of sink is that the home owners can have their own design. It is handmade so it also means that it have a variety of finishes depending on what the home owners would like to happen.

The Volks said...

HAHAH!!! I love this. :)