Friday, August 19, 2011

Dancing Fool

First off, this is how we found Cole sleeping last night. At one point I looked on the video monitor and thought I saw feet up by the I went to check it out. This is how we found him. Crazy kid!
I don't know if you can see that mattress cover thing that he is laying on. My friend that gave me all the potty training advice told us to get one of those water proof mattress pads that is supposed to go UNDER the sheets, but Jenn told me to just let him sleep directly on that. That way, if he has an accident during the night, we don't have to completely strip bedding, just that pad. Genius! Luckily, he still has not had an accident at night, but just in case.
However, if we would have let him sleep like this all night, the pad would not have helped at all :)

My parents bought Cole Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and he is now OBSESSED with that movie. He has always loved musicals, especially Mary Poppins, so we knew this would be a big hit as well. He loves this one part of the movie in particular. He loves to dance to it, and he has learned how to do a somersault because of this dance. And yes...I let my kid run around in his underwear.

Happy Weekend!!!

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Stacey said...

Aaahaha! Cutest kid EVER! He is growing up too fast! :)