Sunday, August 14, 2011

Successs!!!!....well, we are getting there

This weekend has been our weekend to "tackle" many things that have needed work. Does everyone see this picture?!? Let me say that we now have a cute little girl that WILL take a bottle!!! Praise the Lord! I have many things on my up-coming calendar that will require me to not be present for every feeding so I knew that we needed to get this no-bottle thing under control. We are familiar with this whole thing because Cole was the exact same way....apparently they like it straight from the tap. :)...ok that was kinda gross.
Anyway, I knew we'd have to exclusively do bottles for a couple days and eventually she would figure it out. It actually never even got to that point where we had to do bottles for each feeding because after only a couple feedings, she was taking it no problem. It's just such a pain having to pump for every feeding so thankfully she figured it out sooner than expected. We will just have to make sure we try to do 1 bottle a day so she doesn't forget.

Our second order of business this weekend was to potty train. We started Saturday morning after breakfast, we threw all his diapers away and decided no diapers period! All my friends I talked to were right....after the day 1, you come away feeling very defeated!!
Day 1 pretty much looked like this....ALL day!!!

Honest to God, we went through at least 20 pairs of underwear! Now, they weren't all full out accidents, he would just let a little dribble out and leave a little wet spot but the idea of him getting a new pair of underwear was very appealing to him.
We are now on day 2 and it is going SO much better! He did have one accident during the night and only one minor one so far today so he is definitely starting to catch on. Yesterday it's like he didn't quite understand the sensation that he had to go until he started going. I felt like we were training a puppy yesterday because you have to catch them in the act and then rush them to the potty...exactly what we did with our puppies :) Today he's understanding the feeling before it comes out, then he'll do a little dance and we have to remind him to run to the potty and we've had great success today. We decided to just go the full-out potty training route. Most of our friends told us to still do diapers and naps and bedtime, but we decided to at least give it a try with absolutely no diapers. I'm glad we did because I really think it will work. We just have to be very diligent with cutting off the drinks 2-3 hours before bed and my friend Jenn told us to take him to the potty a couple hours after he goes to bed and even though he's still half way asleep, they will usually go. That and making sure we get him to the potty first thing when he wakes up, I really think he will catch on fast!
I can't wait to see how the next couple days go!
Even though it's only day 2, I'm already getting cabin fever....probably because I know we will have to spend most of our time at home for the next week or so. It will definitely take time till I feel comfortable with him going in public. I'm so excited to only have one kid in diapers, yay!!

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