Monday, August 22, 2011

Teeth Week

This past weekend we had a baby shower for my friend Katie, but I'm so mad at myself because I didn't take any pictures except this one. I had to take Finley with me because Nick and Cole were going to a birthday party. This handsome guy with Finley is Jack. This is my friend Megan's son and he is the sweetest kid! He got right down to Finley's level and would talk to her. Such a good kid!
Katie is due with her first baby boy in just a couple weeks and we can't wait to meet Baby James!

Our poor little Benny Boy got a much needed haircut last week, but pretty sure they cut him too short on his "manhood" area because it's all red and he keeps licking it and now it's looking infected. Nick says he sees some cut marks so remind me next time to tell them to stay away from his privates :)
Poor Benson has to wear a cone for awhile till it heals because it will continue to get worse if he keeps bothering it.
Look at those lips....Finley's, not mine :) Maybe she is our future movie star :)
Yesterday I took Cole to his first ever dentist appointment. Obviously I was a little nervous because what parent isn't nervous to take their 2.5 year old to something like this!?! Everyone there was so nice to him. They gave him a little tour and then the hygienist showed him all the instruments that she uses. They even had a TV on the ceiling that distracted him.
After she showed him everything and let him pick out his own flavors of polish and fluoride, she got him to climb up on the table and she got to work. She actually looked and counted all his teeth, polished them and did a fluoride treatment. I was shocked that he let her do all that. They even got him to sit still long enough to get some x-rays. They showed me the x-rays and it's so weird to see the adult teeth above all those baby teeth....kinda gross weird :)
The dentist said he has all his teeth and that is pretty advanced, and that usually they don't have them all till around 3. I was surprised to hear that because he didn't start getting teeth till he was about 10 months.
"Ok, get me down from here"
I was so proud of Cole, he did so good! He will now go back every 6 months...gotta get in the good habit of going twice a year!
Apparently this is teeth week in our house. Both Cole and Nick got their teeth cleaned and unfortunately, I have to get a root canal tomorrow morning. I am VERY upset about it!!! I would rather break my arm off and beat myself over the head with it than get that kind of dental work done. Apparently I clench my jaw so bad that I cracked my tooth. After this I will be getting a mouth guard for at night because I refuse to go through this again. It's just such a long process because I have the actual root canal tomorrow, then a week later I have to get fitted for a crown and then another week later I get the permanent crown. I'm going to be so sick of dentists after this....ugh!! When the endodontist asked what I was afraid of, I told her that I am so completely claustrophobic and when all those instruments and gauze, etc is in my mouth I start to get panicky, like I can't get out of the situation....sounds stupid, I know. She completely understood and said a lot of people are like that and she promises to give me lots of breaks. Plus they have a TV that I can watch during the procedure. Ugh, I just want tomorrow to be over already!

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I love YOUR blog! Santa brought the trains for Gabey several years ago but I hear he got them at Toys R Us ;)