Friday, August 26, 2011

Long weeeek

I feel like this has been such a long week! Cole doesn't start MDO till after Labor Day so we are trying to find stuff to keep us busy, but with this heat, it's hard to find a lot of things to do indoors. So, we've been hanging out a lot at home.
Look at how high this girl gets her head now! She cracks me up, she just loves being on her belly so we still haven't made a lot of progress on the rolling over. She HAS done it, but only a couple of times.
The other day I got Finley to laugh. It was the cutest thing and music to a mom's ear. It's so fun to watch them figure out how to do these things, like laugh.
This is her mid-laugh. The picture is terrible because I was laughing too and it's from my phone, but you get the idea.
Yesterday we had a last minute play date at Susan's house. Can I just say that her house is my DREAM HOUSE!!! First of all the house is gorgeous but I was in love with her back yard. In Texas you don't see very big back yards but theirs was huge! AND it backed right up to a golf course so it felt so open. They had a fire pit, great patio....ugh, just what I eventually want sometime.
She had set up the coolest bounce house/water slide and it was absolutely perfect for the toddlers.
Cole had so much fun and he could have stayed several more hours but it was getting SO hot and Miss Finley was too distracted by everything going on and wouldn't sleep so we had to get back for naps.
Cole blowing bubbles
Picture of most of the kiddos, they all had so much fun, can't wait to do it again soon!
Yesterday afternoon I got Finley in the bumbo chair. She doesn't like being in it for too long but she had fun eating her ducky.
I mentioned my friend Katie that was having her baby soon, well, she had James very early this morning.....Welcome James!!! All is well with them and we actually got to watch their first fur-baby for them. Last night I took Cole with me to pick up Charlie. Of course Cole thought it was fun to get in Charlie's cage.
I was surprised with how well all the dogs are getting along. We have 4....yes, 4 dogs at our house right now. We are also dog sitting for Gigi's dog, Max. After a few minutes of a sniff session they all got along great and lay by each other.
I think Charlie is ready for baby James...don't you?
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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