Monday, August 29, 2011

Sad things, new things and a few randoms

First off, does everyone see this?? No, Nick and I did not sell our house....although we eventually would like to get into something a little bigger, but this is not our sold sign. Nope, this is our friends and greatest neighbor's ever sign. Ryan and Casey have moved 3 hours away and last weekend was their big move. They have been living about 1.5 hours away from us for the last couple months but we would still see them every couple weeks when they would come up for appointments or to check on their house. However, their house finally sold and they are officially....gone :( Not am I only sad that we are losing our "guest house" (my family would always stay at their house because it has been empty for a few months) but we are losing some of our greatest friends and Cole's best friend Lexie. Casey has been one of those friends that will always be a friend, no matter where they live...more like a sister.

We have been through weddings, pregnancies, babies, husbands being butt heads....we have been through it all together. As sad as we are that they have moved so far away from us, we are so happy that Ryan found such a good job and that they are closer to her family.
We will miss you Ryan and Casey!!!

This weekend we did a whole lot of nothing. Cole helped Nick do some push-ups. 30 extra pounds definitely makes a difference!
"All the way down, dad"
Nick had helped a buddy move some furniture on Saturday and he came back very sweaty. I needed him to hold Finley for a minute while I did something, but this is how I made him hold she wouldn't get smelly :)
Today I put Finley in our jumper for the first time. I always forget when Cole first did things so sometimes I have to go back and look at pictures or old blog posts to see when we did things. Here is Cole around 3 months. This was his first day in the jumper.
And here is our cute girl in it for the first time. We have to put this plastic bin under her because our doors are too tall and she doesn't reach the ground. :)

Here is a little video of her attempting to jump. She is kinda getting the hang of it, but she sure had fun!

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Katie said...

Oh my goodness, I love how you made your husband hold Finley! Totally something I would do...hehe!