Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2 toddlers+2 babies= hysterical disaster!

I mentioned that while we were in Colorado for Thanksgiving, we got all four Volk grandchildren together for some picture-taking. Our good friend Corrie took the pictures and we LOVE her! It was a gift for my mom's birthday and back when we booked the session we thought it would be a GREAT idea....ha!! Nobody really thought much about getting 4 kids under the age of 3 to take pictures, 2 of which can't even sit up yet. Well, here is a little bit how the session went......

I mean, how cute are these two?? We couldn't have asked for better smiles and participation from them. They were amazing!!
Besides acting like typical toddlers, they pretty much smiled and looked exactly where we asked them to.
I think they had just as much fun as the parents were having watching them. They were totally hamming it up!
Our handsome guy
Doesn't she look like Cindy Lou-Who?? Love this girl!
Ok, so after the big kids did their thing and did an amazing job, we thought we'd add the 2 babies in. I mean, besides the fact that Finley is pretty much laying down and Cole looks like he's in charge of both babies at the same time, I think this looks great....right!?!
Here we go.....Meltdown city!!! Again, rockstar Cole did great!
If you can imagine, the parents are all dying laughing!!!! Well, that and also making sure none of the babies get flung off the bench.
And literally...those were the best ones!!! Ha! So there ya go mom....Happy Birthday!!! I promise someday we will attempt this again. Till then, all we can do is laugh!

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Stacey said...

Great pictures! I love Cole's face in the last 2! Like, "get me out of here, people. These girls are emotional!"