Monday, December 19, 2011

A few happenings

We have had some fun things go on this past week. It sure is a busy time of year! Gigi got back into town last week and we have definitely been taking advantage of her time :)
Nick went to Top Golf last Tuesday while Cole, Finley and I had a birthday party to go to. It was at a restaurant and I knew I wouldn't be able to handle both kids by myself so I recruited Tracy to come along. Thank goodness she was there because not 10 minutes into getting there, Finley pulled a HUGE glass of water onto me and her, and of course I was wearing jeans, ugh. There also was a huge slide at the restaurant that Cole went on about a bazillion times and half of those I had to go with him because he was too scared so I definitely needed a another set of hands.
When we got back from the party, Santa was making his way through our neighborhood. It's so cool because they get the ambulance and fire trucks out and put their lights on and have Christmas music playing while Santa waves to all the kids, it's so great!

Cole and Gigi waiting for Santa to make his way to our house

This past weekend we had our Life Group Christmas party. Pete and Katie definitely know how to host! We all had a great time with great food. It was also nice to just be around the adults and have conversations that didn't involve a toddler asking me "what I'm doing" every 2 seconds. Nick's parents babysat for us and before we left Finley put on a little show for us. She's been getting in the push-up position for a long time but she actually got up on her knees. It's kind of hard to tell in this picture but she's up on her exciting!
Here is a picture of our Life Group

Sunday afternoon Cole had a birthday party for his friend Liam. Cole loves seeing all his friends and everyone had a great time.
Cole's friends Emerson and Zinnedean

Nick and Finley were supposed to come with us, but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out their nap schedules and she was sleeping when we had to leave. Finley has now transferred to 2 naps a day which makes it hard because now her naps overlap with Cole's. She naps around 10am and 2:30pm and Cole has always napped at you can see that one of them is sleeping at all times. However, this makes it hard to actually get out of the house so I have tried to push Cole's nap back to 1:00pm so that I at least get one hour to myself but it's really hard for Cole to make it to 1:00, he's usually falling asleep before then. I'm sure he will get used to it soon but I'm really looking forward to them both being on the same schedule!!! :)

I'm so excited because Nick has the next 2 weeks off so we get to do a lot of playing this week! The 4 of us finished our Christmas shopping this morning and we have a bunch of other fun things planned so it will be so fun to have dad home!!

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