Sunday, December 11, 2011

7 Months

Finley Marie is 7 Months!!
You are turning into such a big girl! Where have these 7 months gone?!?
What is new with you this month??

I have no clue what your weight is, I'm guessing around 18lbs
Still very tall with loooong legs
Still wearing size 3 diaper and medium cloth diaper (again, only when we are home)
Wearing 9-12 month clothes
You are sleeping about the same as you have for the last few months. Consistently you wake up once during the night, usually around 4am. Every once in awhile you will wake up one time around midnight, but that is rare.
You are an awesome napper! You still take 3 naps....9am for about an hour, 12:00 for almost 2 hours and then 4:30-ish for an hour. You are so easy because when you start to whine I will just go lay you down in your bed with your paci and you fall asleep on your own, so easy!
You eat every 3-ish hours, sometimes more frequently

In honor of Robert Griffin III, we thought we'd put you in some Baylor attire today. Go Baylor!!
Cole also wanted to take a picture with you, and you couldn't have been more thrilled.
Same as last month, still hate baby food.....sigh
You love anything that you can feed yourself, I'm not sure if it's a texture thing or what but you are pretty insistent on not eating baby food.
You are starting to sit up much better by yourself. I still put the boppy pillow behind you because you will fall backwards.
I don't know if I'd call you a lazy baby, but you really don't do much rolling around. I thought you would be doing more of that but when I put you down on the floor, you are just so content watching your brother and playing on your tummy that you will usually stay put. Even during the night in your crib, you pretty much stay in one spot all night long.
You just got over having another little cold. We were pretty much over your first one but with traveling and super dry air in Colorado, we came home with another one. Because you have not been 100% we still haven't been able to get you your first shot. I'm thinking we will be able to this week because you seem great now.

For fun, here is Cole and you at 7 months. He sure was a chunk! He had almost 7-8lbs on you at this point, plus, his head was gigantic!! It's so fun to see the differences but also similarities.

We are so looking forward to spending the fun Christmas holiday with you and watch you celebrate your first Christmas. We love you very much little girl!

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