Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Here is a little recap of our Christmas weekend
Christmas Eve:
After making one last stop at the mall for a gift, Nick and I spent most of the day getting our house ready for company on Christmas Eve. After the kiddos had their naps, we got them dressed up and we headed to Christmas Eve service at church.
Cole was not awake yet at this point so I had to get some pictures of this cute girl. I don't typically put her in dresses yet because personally I think they are annoying when they don't know how to walk yet...but anyways...I think she looks super cute all dolled up!!!
AND, she was so curious with the shoes that were on her feet. Again, one of those things I think are super annoying until they start to walk. :) But with it being Christmas and all, we had to go all out.
Me and my kiddos before church, and yes, the only way we could get Cole to get into the picture was to bribe him with a sucker. :)
After a great Christmas Eve service at church and seeing some great friends we all headed back to our house for the night. Blake and Emily and Nick and I were in charge of this meal and Blake and Em brought some yummy food!! Nick made his ribs and I....well, I didn't do much, ha!
After we ate we took pictures.....

And after pictures we opened LOTS of presents. Literally, I took about 250 pictures that night so I was a little overwhelmed on which ones to put on the blog so I'm just keeping it simple with the family pictures :) The kids got great toys and the adults got some fun stuff too! Emily got Just Dance 3 so after the kids went to bed, we sure had fun doing some dancing!!! I'm not going to post an incriminating pictures of myself, but I will post these pictures...hehe
Christmas Day:
After everyone woke up we opened up Santa presents and had a leisure morning around our house. After Finley's first nap we headed into Granddad and Gigi's house for the day. They were cooking everyone surf and turf and we also had some other relatives from Austin come into town.
When we go to their house Granddad and Gigi got these fun rocking "polar bear" and "lambs" but they will stay at their house and the kids can play with them when they visit.
Everyone else opened up Santa presents and here are just a couple super cute things the kids got.

Blake looks thrilled to be wearing Finley's apron!
Finley loves her little dolly :)
I did enjoy a few glasses of yummy champagne during the day so Finley had a couple bottles during and Granddad really enjoyed feeding her one of them. He especially loved her little fingers up his nose!
A little tradition that Nick's mom makes us do is we all have to sing the "12 Day of Christmas" song before we eat. Her place-settings at the table are the 12 Days of Christmas theme so whatever day we sit on we have to sing that part of the song. Nick always gets stuck with "Fiiiiiiive Golden Rings".
And whenever Dad would sing his part (yes, he got a little out of control a few times), Cole would bust up laughing. Silly dad!!!
Blake also brought his Clark Griswald mugs and they enjoyed some homemade egg nog that he made.
After several late nights and not getting much sleep, both us and the kids....we are exhausted!!! :) BUT, it was such a fun weekend and we realized how truly blessed we are to have such wonderful family!
Today, I was running on fumes and Nick told me to go lay down so after I knew Finley was fed and didn't need anytime soon, I laid down and 2.5 hours later I woke up and felt AMAZING!!!! Y'all, I have not taken a nap like that since before Cole was born!

We are super excited to have my parents come tomorrow and spend some time with us and help us ring in the new year. Cole will be so happy to have Papa and Mimi here and I'm sure we'll do lots of fun things.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas!


Christi said...

Fun stuff! We played Wii dance too. I totally want a gaming system now just for the dancing game or maybe workout game, ha!

coneandmo said...

Love it! Ya'll look like you had a great holiday! Hope to get to see you again soon. :)