Monday, January 2, 2012

Mimi and Papa Visit...and New Years

My parents flew down here last week and stayed for 5 nights. It was great to have them here since we didn't get to spend Christmas with them. The kids loved having them around and they also got to open some Santa gifts from the Colorado Santa.
Cole LOVES his vitamins that Mimi gets him. He asks for them every morning so I know they are a big hit! Here he is trying to open up his vitamins.
He got a lot of fun things from Santa...
And Cole is SUPER excited about his Yo Gabba Gabba shoes. I know, they are a little crazy right!?! I really can't even stand that show but he would not take these shoes off and I guess they are pretty fun! :)
Finley got her backpack and a cute duffel bag which will come in handy when we go on some weekend trips.
Other things we did...let's see....more getting up on all fours
Haircuts that we did NOT enjoy :( We bribed him with candy, juice, movies....but he just wasn't in the greatest mood. Oh well, it got done and looks great!!!
Did lots of playing outside because the weather was perfect this weekend!
Played with our new sticker books....for hours and hours!!
Finley played with her new cape from Mimi and Papa. These are the coolest things because it's like a wearable blanket. When you put them in their carseat, stroller, etc it just lays right on top and it isn't a big bulky blanket that has to go under the straps. This will be so nice to have!
New Years Eve:
Last New Years Eve we got together with our "Family Playdate" group and we did the same this year. Ken and Kristi hosted and as usual we all had a great time. Ken cooked a fabulous meal and we enjoyed watching the kiddos play.
Cole had so much fun with this trampoline, he would get so high and get his knees way up in his chest.
And as usual....we had to get the kiddos picture taken. Unfortunately we were missing Liam and Finley actually was big enough to be in the picture this time.
Finley, Kate, Emmie, Cole, Piper and Grayson
We left Ken and Kristi's pretty early because everyone has kids so we headed home and met Nick's parents at our house so they could join us for the evening. Cole was playing pretty hard and all of a sudden he heard Justin Bieber come on the TV and just sat and listened to him. Pretty funny...but he better not be a bieber fan!!! Ahhhh!!!
Alright, so after he was done watching Bieber, he put his goggles back on (don't ask) and flew around like Super Man
Even dad got in on the action
Cole stayed up much later than normal (but did he sleep in??? NO!!!) and the adults actually stayed up pretty late playing Mexican Train. It was a lot of fun but I definitely felt it the next day!
Sadly, my parents left this morning and we put all the Christmas stuff away...what a sad, depressing day :( Tomorrow Nick goes back to work and then it's back to the normal grind. However, only 3 weeks till Cold's 3rd birthday so we will be getting things set up for that. AND, the next time we see Papa and Mimi, we will be here....

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YAY!!! We can NOT wait for Maui! It's going to be here so soon. :)