Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The story of my life the past week

I mentioned awhile back that Finley got her first tooth a couple weeks ago and it definitely was not a fun experience. I thought we might be in the clear for awhile but I was wrong....way wrong. Let these pictures of our day yesterday do the talking.
Every time I'd lay her down, she'd cry...hence why I'm holding her. Luckily Cole was napping at this point otherwise this wouldn't have been happening :) I actually loved cuddling with her because she is normally that child that just wants to sleep in her bed.
More cuddling, I'm just glad she's not crying....yet
Can I at least get one little smile???
There it is!!!!
Ok, enough of that......WAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Mom, hold me!!!!!
Yep, this is pretty much how the rest of the day looked. *Sigh.
Her poor gums are so swollen and she won't eat. She turns her nose up to anything I give her. I did give her one of those mesh things with some ice in it and she liked that and she will eat some puffs but that's about it. She has been SOOOOO clingy, like, cries the instant I leave the room. To say my arms are tired of holding her is an understatement! I gave her some Tylenol and oragel yesterday but didn't seem to work too much. I just hope we are over this pretty soon because I hate seeing her miserable like this.

In other news.....I "might" be going back to work next school year :) It's all very tentative but I have been in touch with people at Hebron (where I have worked since college) and it's a possibility I could have my part-time position back. Again, VERY tentative. AND, our old sitter Jennifer would probably be able to take both kiddos too, which would be wonderful!!! That is a huge reason I decided to stay home this year because Jennifer could not take Finley as a baby and we couldn't find other child care and plus I wanted to be home while she was a baby but I really do miss my high schoolers. Crazy, I know!! Nothing will really be able to be decided on till April-ish but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I told my principal that I'd only come back if I could have my part-time spot back, I'm not willing to do full-time yet. So, we'll see what happens but I would be ecstatic!
Well, gotta go get some house work done, going to have a house full of people this weekend and I don't think they'll appreciate how filthy my house is :)


Bethany said...

ella is exactly the same way right now! teething and driving me crazy! At least they are SO adorable...riiiight?

Wendi said...

I'll try not to get my hopes up about you coming back...but WOOHOO!! Hope it works out! :-)