Monday, January 9, 2012


12 Random Things for 2012

Random Stuff

I'm trying to not drink sodas anymore
We are considering getting rid of our cable tv
I need to read more
I want to start volunteering at church again. I took at 3 month break that has turned into 8, eek!
I'm really not enjoying this teething stage, hello clingy-ness!!!!
I miss working....some days
I really want to learn how to sew
We cannot wait for our Hawaii trip but secretly I'm totally stressing about the time zone change and how they will adapt...and how we all will handle an 8 hour flight
Starting to think about bathing suit weather is scary, thanks to a cute 8 month old I will never be able to wear a 2-piece again :(
I need to stop baking desserts
I want to move....getting that itch really bad!
Candles and plug-ins give me the worst headache

Things I do every single day

Tell Cole about 367,491 times "What I'm doing". Yes, he asks that many times
Make breakfast for my two babes
Read blogs
Text Nick
Get on Facebook
Go check the mail (not sure why I love doing this)
Check my calendar
Check houses on Zillow (no, we aren't really in the market, just like looking)
Change diapers
Change my clothes due to spit up or other mishaps :)
Read some of my book I'm currently reading (Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks)

Books that are on my reading list

Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks - currently reading
Hunger Games
Live a Praying Life
Sing You Home
Lone Wolf
Crazy Love
Nothing Daunted
The Tehran Initiative
Bringing up Boys
Bringing up Girls

Future Vacation Destinations

Maui, HI - going in March with my whole family
Las Vegas - going in June with friends
New York City
London - so wish I could go while the in-laws are over there but it's hard with a baby
Disney cruise
Wine Country - without kids :)
Hawaii - without kids :)

Currently in my Family room

2 sleeping dogs
sippy cups
empty cups
dvd cases

If you came into my house the TV would most likely be on

Food Network
The Bachelor (so embarassed about this)
Private Practice
The Office
The Firm (new show I watched last night and LOVED it)
Man vs Food (Nick loves this show)
Modern Family

Some of my favorite foods

Green apple salad
Pb&j sandwich
any breakfast food

Purchases we want to make/currently saving for

Pillows for our bed
Bedding for our bed
New carpet
Down payment for bigger house
New kitchen table. Acetone and Mod Podge have destroyed our current table

Music I cannot stop listening to

Beautiful Exchange - Hillsong
Anything David Crowder
We Are Young - Glee
Kari Jobe

Things we want to accomplish this year

No more car payments - almost there! After this we will be completely debt free (besides our house)
1/2 marathon - want to do White Rock next December
Get some type of part time job (from home?). I really do miss working but not willing to put kiddos in daycare, ugh!

Things I can reach from where I'm sitting
baby monitor
stack of dvd's Nick needs to copy to our computer

Picture that I love
Nothing glamorous, but this is us on an average day and I just love those smiles!


Stacey said...

I love this post! And I especially love that Tahiti is on your vacay list - it's on ours too :) Hawaii also. We may be going in July - too bad we won't overlap! :D

The Volks said...

Love this post! I'm totally going to copy you on my blog. :) I just finished reading Hunger Games and it was AMAZING! I finished it in two days. Now I can't wait to start the next one (you can use my copies when I'm done if you want). I CAN NOT wait for Hawaii either. We're going to have so much fun, but totally feeling you pain on the whole bathing suit thing..and the time change thing. Oh well, when there's nothing else to do, we can laugh! :) Love that picture, you guys are so cute. Give those sweet babies smooches for me!

Christi said...

Fun! I stole this post idea!
we don't have cable, never have. It's great for me cause tv sucks me in and I become a couch potato. Basic cable is pretty bad here so we only watch DVDs. I think you'll be surprised how much you'll enjoy not having cable.

Joe, Jenn, Nathan, and William said...

I loved the Henrietta Lacks book! It gave me more to talk about in my science classes! :) Let me know what you think when you finish.