Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Weekend

Thursday morning, my niece Sydney had to have her surgery. This is something all of us, especially Ryan and Rachel have been anticipating since she was born. I imagine they are THRILLED it is all over with now and they can just put it behind them. Her surgery went great but she did have a rough couple of days afterwards.
This is her right after the she not the sweetest thing ever??
She was not allowed to eat anything for a couple days after the surgery so if you can imagine, she was not a happy camper! I just can't imagine a 3 month old, who is used to eating every 3 hours, not being able to eat for 48 hours!!!!
She finally had her first feeding yesterday around noon and then they were able to take her home last night. Here she is, all bundled up and ready to go home. I think she looks an awful lot like Cameron in this picture :)
Our weekend was pretty uneventful, we mostly hung out at home and played. Poor Finley didn't have any clean girl pj's so she's having to wear big brother's :) Cole was showing Finley how to use the iPad :)
Poor Roxy
Yesterday afternoon we just did a little bit of shopping and then went to church. Nick went out with some guys last night to watch the Broncos game while I stayed home and vegged in bed watching the game and old Glee episodes. Exciting, I know. As much as I wanted to go hang out with Nick last night, he insisted that the baby monitor would not reach the restaurant :(

Today, I wanted Finley to try out some tofu. She looks like such a big girl in this chair. I was cleaning her high chair so we stuck her in Cole's chair and she just went to town on the tofu. It was perfect for her because she could pick it up by herself and also has a great texture. I think she really enjoyed it, even though I was gagging in the background :)

We are getting so excited because next weekend is Cole's 3rd birthday party. His birthday isn't till the 29th so it's a week early. We have some wonderful friends coming into town and Cole will be so excited to have everyone around. Hopefully I can get everything done this week for his party, but thank God we aren't having it at our house this time :)
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

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