Monday, January 23, 2012

Cole's birthday weekend

This weekend we celebrated Cole's birthday. It started with the Holler's (our old neighbor friends) coming to stay with us Friday night. Cole was SO excited to see Lexie that he could hardly contain himself. They played so well all weekend and they had so much fun. It was so great to see the Holler's since we haven't seen them in several months. We definitely miss having them around! Here are all the kiddos Saturday morning after breakfast.
Kaylee, Finley, Lexie and Cole
After breakfast we had to hurry and get ready for Cole's party. It was at 10am but luckily it was at a bounce house so we basically just had to show up and they do everything for us. It was fabulous! No setup or cleanup and not being able to chat with people because you are busy getting things ready and cleaned. Plus, the kids had a blast! They had all these bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses to play in and I'm sure all the kids took great naps that day :)
I took a ton of pictures but here are just a few fun ones.
Chris Bell with his daughter Reagan (our good friends from Houston) and Cole going down the slide.
We attempted to get a picture with all the kids, you can see how well that turned out :) A few of the kids didn't make it in the picture and most of them aren't even looking at the camera, but you get the idea.
After the kids played on all the bounce houses, etc. we went into the party room and had the party. Cole wanted an Alvin and the Chipmunks birthday cake so he was pretty excited to see the final product. Everyone sang to him and here he is blowing out his candles.
A bunch of the kids having their snacks and cake.
These two guys look like they are up to something :) I guess just enjoying some cake.
Finley also had fun seeing her boyfriend Josiah. They are so funny, they just stared at each other for the longest time.
Cole and Lexie, they sat by each other the whole time :)
After we got home and all the kiddos took naps we let Cole open some presents (that was the only way we could even get him to take a nap). He got a lot of great things and we have some really great friends for getting him all those great gifts but I did want to show what Nick and I got him. He has been obsessed with bikes lately because he sees little boys at the park riding their bikes and he always tries to steal them so we wanted to get him his own bike. He was pretty excited to get it!
Saturday evening, the Bell's, Holler's and Nick's parents were all at our house for dinner and we also played Mexican Train. The kids had a blast playing all day but we were all ready to have some adult time :) The Bell's also stayed at our house Saturday night. We always love having them stay at our house. They are so easy to have around and always sad to see them leave.
Here is Reagan and Cole Sunday morning before they left. They are so cute together and will definitely be great friends growing up.
After the Bell's and Holler's left Sunday afternoon, I tried to clean up the house some and do some laundry and then Nick's family came up to watch some football and Granddad helped Cole ride his bike. It might take him a few times to get a grasp on riding his bike because he was more interested in ringing his bell this time but I'm sure the more we do it he will catch on fast!

It was such a fun weekend and I know Cole had so much fun with all his friends. He was definitely sad to see everyone go home but next weekend we will have another little celebration for his real birthday. Nothing big, just a birthday dinner and I'm sure he'll love it.

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