Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and for it being on a Tuesday, it was pretty fantastic!! Nothing wild and crazy went on, but it was just perfect!! First, Nick surprised me with staying home from work (I was most excited about this!!). He had one call he had to be on at 9:00am but then he was free the rest of the day.
My morning started out with these two cuties. I love the mornings when Cole climbs into our bed and drinks some milk and Finley likes to hang out with her brother.
I was also very excited because I had to make a grocery store run and anyone that has children knows it's kind of stressful going with them, so Nick stayed home with them and I got to go BY MYSELF to the store. It was amazing!! I didn't have a toddler saying every 2 seconds, "Mama, wook....cookies" or "Mama, I want some". It was delightful!! Oh, and Nick told me that as soon as you turn 30, you no longer will be carded. Well, first time ever, when I went to the grocery store, they did not card me for the wine I bought!!! I laughed because, literally, I get carded every stinkin time!! I guess I finally look my age now, eh??
After they both took naps we packed up and headed to the mall. Nick's birthday present to me was this watch and I needed a few links taken out. We had a couple other things we needed to do at the mall so while Nick took Cole to the play area, Finley and I did our shopping. At one point we got into the elevator and you know you are in an elevator with a bunch of moms and cute babies because after sitting in the elevator for several minutes chatting it up about our babies, we noticed nobody hit the floor button. Yep, we were sitting in one spot....going nowhere. Awesome! :)
On our way home from the mall, we decided to go look at a few houses that are for sale. Finley was sleeping so we thought we'd just drive around a bit and let her sleep. Plus, Nick and I LOVE looking at houses. We definitely will be looking for new houses in a year, or two or three so we are keeping our eyes peeled.

Nick and Cole were in charge of getting dinner started. They made Taco Soup and with the chilly weather, it was amazing! Even though it takes a little longer having Cole "help" in the kitchen, he absolutely loves it!

After we got the kids to bed, Nick and I sat down and watched Crazy, Stupid Love. It was such a cute movie and we loved it! I can't remember the last movie we watched so to actually sit down and watch an entire movie was fun!
I LOVE days like that and we had so much fun with dad being home with us. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday.
However, I am a bit tired and zombie-like today because Finley decided to wake up at 11:15 last night. Nick tried to get her back to sleep but as soon as he'd lay her back down, she'd start crying. It wasn't the "hurt cry" so I knew nothing was really wrong. So, the stubborn streak in me decided to just let her cry it out. That went on for an hour so I went in and fed her, because usually that will for sure do the trick. Nope, cried for another hour. Well, not really crying the whole time, just talking and off and on crying. I went in and patted her back for awhile and then let her cry some more. FINALLY at 2:15 (yes 3 hours of this) so fell asleep. Me, who usually goes to bed at 9:30 didn't get to bed till 2:30am and of course was up at 7:00am. Good thing Cole had school today because I wouldn't have had the energy to entertain him today.
Good thing my little girl is cute and gives me BIG smiles in the morning because that makes the sleepy days well worth it!

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Stacey said...

Oh wow, I didn't realize he SURPRISED you with staying home! What a great gift! :)