Thursday, April 12, 2012

11 Months

How is it, that in one short month we will be celebrating your 1st birthday? It's unbelievable how this year has flown by.

This month has been a fun one for sure, lots of new things!
When you went to get a shot last week, you weighed 21lbs. I guess since you are crawling all over the place you haven't been gaining much weight. Not sure of your height but you still seem very tall with monkey arms and legs.
Still wearing 12 month clothes and sometimes I wonder if you ever will get into 18 month clothes. I sure hope so because I have a lot of really cute summer clothes that are too big right now! :)
(Well that's not a very lady-like position)Wearing a size 4 diaper
Just started wearing some shoes this month and you are mostly wearing size 3's but they are a little small for you but 4's are too big.
Your sleep is still the same as it has been for the last 8 months (ha). You still pretty consistently wake up once during the night.
Bedtime is around 8pm, with usually a 3am wake up, then around 7:00am for the day.
Naps are still around 10am and 2pm. Some days you will sleep 1.5 hr naps and some days 30 min. Those 30 min naps are like a stab in the eye!!!:)
You now have 2 teeth on the bottom and about 6 on top. Your 2 top teeth are BIG! :) Those top ones seriously came in all at the same time, thank God it didn't seem to bother you too much, just a lot of drool and a little runny nose.
You are eating most foods now, the last week or so I've been giving you a lot more table foods, including spaghetti sauce which was a huge disaster but also so fun to watch! Like my friend Katie said, "it's like self tanning lotion gone bad!" :)
I haven't found any food that you don't like, as long as you can feed yourself. You don't eat a lot , just little bits all day long....kinda like your mama.
You are talking a lot more this month. Of course you say the typical "da-da" "mama" baby talk but you also say "nom nom" whenever you eat, so cute!
Not walking yet, but cruise the furniture like crazy. You will stand on your own without holding on to anything and when you finally realize you are standing, then you fall to your bottom.
You are climbing more this month, this is when I'm glad we don't have stairs :)
You wave bye-bye to people all the time, blow kisses and still claw me with those sharp nails.
People comment all the time about you stare people down. You would definitely win at a staring contest! It's pretty funny, especially if you don't know someone, you will just stare intently at them with a stone-face.
Cole is still super annoyed by you but you love nothing more than to be with him and play with his toys. You literally follow him around all day long and he runs from you all day long :) He really is pretty sweet to you though. When you aren't around or I take him somewhere without you, he always asks where you are.
You love getting into the dog food and water! If I'm in the kitchen, you always have to be in there with me and you go straight for the dog stuff. I've even had to get dog food out of your mouth a few times, yuck!

Overall, what a fun month we have had! I'm starting to get things prepared for your birthday party. We aren't going all crazy like we did for Cole's birthdays but it will still be fun! I can't wait to see how you like your birthday cake. :)
We love you Finley Marie!

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Bethany said...

love that mess! How cute is she!?!?