Friday, April 6, 2012

Some fun things

First off....don't let this adorable face fool you :) She may smile cute for the camera and act happy and goofy around other people, but lately....she has been the WHINIEST baby!! Especially around me, not sure why. When it's just us at home, she just follows me around, whining constantly, wanting me to hold her. I will say, that she has about 5-6 teeth coming in on the top but she isn't like that with other people!!!! Is it just a mom thing??
Hopefully it's just a phase, but all I can do right now is just hold her lots and give her extra attention which is fine with me, nothing I love more than baby snuggles....but every mom knows that the whining is hard to handle nonstop, all day long :)
Little stinker!!!
I mentioned that while Gigi and Granddad were in London, we watched Max. After we got back from Hawaii I went and picked up Max from the kennel and then we headed to pick up Cole from school right after that. Cole was SO excited to see Max and always says, "My Max!". Max loves Cole too and sat on his car seat with Cole the whole way home.
Since Gigi and Granddad got back into town this week, the kids have spent a lot of time with them. I'll admit it, I take advantage while they are around and take them up on their babysitting offers! :) They love spending time with the kids, the kids love being with them, it's a win-win situation, ha!
Yesterday, the kids and I headed to their house and had lunch with Granddad and then went to the park. The weather was perfect so it was so fun spending that time outside. Gigi and Granddad have a really cool park by their house called Kid Kountry and it's so fun!
Finley's first time down the slide....weeeeeee!!!!!

Later on that evening, Tracy, Cole, Auntie Em and I met our good friends Stacey and Grayson and Stacey's mom Earlene for a fun evening. A friend of ours, Elizabeth Loupas, just finished writing her 2nd book and was doing a book signing at a fun bookstore so before the book signing we all met up for dinner and had so much fun! Here are the grandma's with their cute grandsons. :)
Cole, Tracy, Grayson and Earlene
Like I said, this book store was adorable and had a great kids section so the boys had fun running around. We had such a fun night with these gals, and little boys. Can't wait to do it again soon!
We are looking forward to a fun Easter-filled weekend! Tomorrow we have an Easter Egg Hunt, then we are taking Cole to see Mary Poppins the musical. Cole absolutely loves Mary Poppins so we cannot wait to see his reaction! I'll try to take some video and lots of pictures!
Hope everyone has a blessed Easter!!

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