Sunday, April 1, 2012 only took 10 years

I have lived in Texas for over 10 years and for the first time, we took pictures in the Bluebonnets today! I guess I never really understood why people took pictures on the side of the highway next to some purple flowers. However, we found a great field by our house and it was gorgeous! Our one mistake...we went at the wrong time of the day so the sun was a bit intense and a lot of our pictures didn't turn out well. Oh well!

What a handsome guy!

Finley's little boyfriend James also came up and took some pictures. Of course we had to get some of the two of them. They were just precious! They would look at each other, wondering where the heck they were :)

And towards the end....we had just about had enough! Either that or James pinched her :)
We are coming off a great weekend! Friday night Blake and Emily came over and Blake did a little fish fry for us with fish he had caught and it was gooood! What a treat! We haven't seen Blake and Emily for awhile so Cole was so excited to see them! Cole even asked for Uncle Blake to put him to bed, which we all thought was hilarious because Blake doesn't have too much experience putting little kids to bed. Of course we watched on the video monitor and had lots of laughs!
Saturday, Cole and I had a birthday party for Emma and then Nick and I went out with our life group to Main Event. I haven't been to Main Event since before we were married and I forgot how fun it was!!! We had a blast! Nights out with our life group are always such a good time, we are blessed with some wonderful people in our lives!
Today....bluebonnets and taxes. Wild day huh?? We couldn't have asked for a better weekend and hopefully this coming week is just as fun :)

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Christi said...

There are some good ones in there. We too were out in the bluebonnets at a bad time and the kids didn't want to look towards camera cause bright sun. And other direction they would be shadowy. We are going to head out to Cameron park soon for better pics. :)
Finely dress is so cute! What brand?