Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Fun

Another weekend has come and gone, but it sure was a good weekend! We started off the weekend with a playdate for Cole and Finley. My good friend Kelly hosted and it's so fun now because all the big kids are about the same age and a lot of us have baby girls so it's fun to see everyone play.
Cole loved this tool belt, I think I had to bribe him with a chocolate milk just to get it off him. Yes, mother of the year!
Finley trying to give Sophie a car :) Little Rowan is over there too, in that cute pink dress. I know these girls will be great friends growing up!
After our play date, I had to hurry home because Nick and I had a total last minute date with Beau and Stacey. They were going to The Gaylord to celebrate their anniversary, and Nick's parents were already planning on babysitting, so we totally crashed their celebration! :) So glad you guys got married!!! :)
As usual, we had so much fun....Nick and Beau talking sweet-nothings to each other, Stacey and I trying to solve all the world's problems, good times :)

Saturday, Emily, Tracy and I had a wedding shower for some friends. Tracy and Emily hosted it at a fabulous winery/antique shop in downtown Grapevine called Farina's. It was the coolest place and they definitely put on a great shower!!
Me and Emily before the guests arrived
Nick and his dad were in charge of the kids while the girls were out having fun and we so appreciate them watching them! Of course it's always nice to have some kid-free time!
We spent the rest of the day hanging out with friends and family and had a great time.

I also want to show off my new (early) Mother's Day gift that my sweet friend Bethany made me. She has a great Etsy site with lots of fun jewelry and bows called Clip Clip Hooray.
I love my necklace, thanks so much Bethany!!!

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