Friday, April 13, 2012

Finley Dances!

Finley has been a dancing maniac lately! Any time she hears music she starts dancing. Yesterday she, for the first time, would stand up on her own and stand for a long time and try to dance. Hilarious! This is the longest she has stood for so I'm guessing the walking will come pretty soon.
Oh, and sorry I get a bit excited and loud in this video :)

This video is from this morning and pretty typical for her.

I have blogged about how Cole is a crazy sleeper here, and he is still a crazy sleeper to this day. I love going in and checking on him after he has gone to sleep to see what kind of funny position he has gotten himself into. Yesterday when I put them both down for naps, this is how I found Cole.
Yes, this may be totally inappropriate, YES he has underwear on....but it might reveal a bit much so that's why I put a giant blob on the picture :)
THEN, I peeked in on Finley and this is how I found her. I guess she is taking after her brother :)
So excited for this weekend, we have some fun things going on. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


Stacey said...

Great videos and photos! I love the sleeping positions :) And does the first video not remind you of There's Something About Mary?! HA!! :)

Christi Ellis said...

haha, her dancing is hilarious! so did she learn those moves from you or Nick? ha
It's great when they are at the stage where they can entertain themselves.