Monday, April 23, 2012


Over the weekend we drove down to Houston to see our friends, the Bell's.  They are some of our best friends that we have known since college and it's so fun watching our children grow up together.  We absolutely love spending time with them and really wish we lived closer!  They are just those types of friends that you can laugh with for hours till your stomach hurts....or someone pees their pants, haha!!!  We got down their Friday evening, in time for dinner and of course the kids were pretty wired from sitting for 4 hours so they played hard!
After dinner we had some ice cream and Sharon gave Cole and Reagan these itty bitty ice cream cones, how cute are they!!!! 

Finley got right in on the action and loved playing with all these girly toys!

I guess it's bound to happen when you have a house full of girl toys, that the pink princess high heels are going to get worn.  However, I certainly won't show the picture of him wearing the heels AND the pink butterfly wings.  Oy!

Saturday morning, we went to a park and let the kids play.  There was a pond there so they could feed the ducks.  I don't think we have ever done this with Cole so he thought it was pretty cool!

Cole and his future bride...this will be a great picture for their wedding slide show :)
Saturday afternoon, Sharon and I went to a wedding shower and left the guys in charge of the kiddos.  We felt just a little bad taking off on them (just a little) but knew they could handle the chaos.  Luckily, all 3 kids took really long naps pretty much the whole time we were gone so they had it pretty easy.
Once we got home, we got the little pool out and let them play around in the water.  It wasn't too terribly warm outside so they didn't play too long because it got a little chilly.

Nick and Chris with their girls :)

 While the adults got dinner ready, the 3 kids played and played.  I thought this was super cute because all 3 of them are playing at the kitchen together.  Finley mostly just followed Cole and Reagan around and tried her hardest to play along with them, but obviously she couldn't quite keep up.  I can't wait to see how they play in a couple years...probably the little girls dressing up Cole in some princess costumes will be included!
 Sunday morning....these 2 watching some Mickey Mouse together.  Sharon and I kept saying how it's so funny how Cole and Reagan play so well together.  They are so sweet to each other, share their toys (for the most part) and are attached at the hip the whole time. 
We had such a fun trip, as always and can't wait to see them again soon!  Next time we see them they will have baby boy Charlie.  We cannot wait to meet him!

Luckily on the way home, these two crashed and took a pretty good nap.  Yes, I am fully aware that we have Finley facing forward and she isn't quite a year yet.  BUT, if you had to listen to screaming and whining for 4 hours, you would flip her around too!  She does so much better when she faces forward so for this trip we decided to flip her around and she was much more pleasant! 

Now that we are home, I have to unpack, do laundry and repack.  Finley and I are headed to Colorado on Wednesday for a good friends funeral.  I hate that I'm going home for such a tragic reason but it will be so good to see some old friends and see family!

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