Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012 Weekend

We sure had a busy weekend, when we got home last night, I told Nick I felt like we have been out of town all weekend because our house was a disaster and we were literally gone all weekend. It sure was a blast though and I know the kids had a blast!

Saturday: We drove to Coppell Saturday morning so we could take Cole to the Easter Egg Hunt there. Last year we were about 5 minutes too late and as everyone knows, if you aren't there on time....too bad, so sad, everything is gone!!! So, we made sure we were on time this year and it was so fun to watch Cole gather his eggs :)
We were a little disappointed with the Easter Bunny this year because they just kind of plopped him on a metal chair, in the middle of everything, not a great photo opp but oh well. Last year they had the bunny on a cute bench so the kids could sit next to him so I'm not sure why they didn't do the same this year.
After the Egg Hunt, we grabbed a quick lunch then Granddad, Nick, Cole and I headed down to Ft. Worth to take Cole to see Mary Poppins the musical. If you have read my blog for awhile, you know Cole LOVES musicals, especially Mary Poppins. He was so excited to go! We got down there a little early so across the street from the Bass Performance Hall, there was a Cupcakery so we went and had a little treat before the performance. They even had Mary Poppins Cupcakes, how cute is that!?!
We had to get a couple pictures before we went in, of course
(this was from my phone, sorry such a bad picture!)
Again, we was so excited to be there and I think it was almost more fun for us to watch him that watch the actual play :)
The play was great, followed a very different story line, with many new songs but overall it was fantastic and definitely did not disappoint!
Granddad even got Cole a Mary Poppins "brumbrella", as Cole calls it. He has not stopped playing with it since he got it. He gets up on the couch and jumps off, I guess thinking he can fly like Mary Poppins. I told Granddad it's a good thing we don't have a 2-story house in case he tries to jump out the window with it....eeek!!!!
I even had to get in on the umbrella action :)
Sunday: We had to get up super early for Easter church service. They had 7 services to pick from, but because we had different things going on, the only one we could make was the 8:00am on Sunday. Even though it took a bit to get our family out the door, it still was a fantastic service and we definitely enjoyed it. After church we headed back to Nick's parents house because we had brunch reservations for 11:00am. Cole and Finley got to play with their Easter baskets and got some super fun things to play with :)
We went to the Gaylord for Easter brunch and they always do a wonderful job putting everything together. The food is unbelievable and they do some fun things for the kids. Cole had another little Easter egg hunt to participate in once we got there and then we took some family pictures while we waited for our reservation.

Here is King Uncle Blake and Queen Aunt Emily
(wonderful picture guys!)
Gigi and Granddad
Our family of 4
And me and the hubs

Once we were done with brunch, we all rolled ourselves back to Nick's parents house and put the kids down for naps. They both took long naps....and of course, Cole had to sleep with his "brumbrella"
While the kids slept, the adults played some Mexican Train and it was so fun and relaxing. We truly had such a fun weekend and appreciate all Granddad and Gigi did for us. We are so blessed! Hope everyone had a great Easter Holiday!

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